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2016-08-26 (0 comments)
Insane Ian Shut Up, IanPlugged!
Hey, remember when I put out "Internet Famous" back in 2014? I was supposed to have a 4 disc limited edition that included the main album on 2 discs, a disc of "Ianstrumentals", and a disc of acoustic (or "IanPlugged") tracks.

Well...after many defects, errors, corrupted files, and fixes, and a year and half of time...THAT EDITION IS FINALLY OUT! All the pre-orders will be shipped soon, and the remaining copies are available now at FuMPFeST!*

To celebrate this release, here's the IanPlugged version of my 2013 Logan Award nominated Outstanding Original Comedy Song "hit".

(*and if you won't be at FuMPFeST or didn't pre-order the album, don't worry. Managed to get a few more of the "limited" disc made, so you can still order it here)

2016-08-23 (4 comments)
2016-08-19 (5 comments)
Holy Bongwater Imagine All Star People
2016-08-16 (5 comments)
Smashy Claw Skeevy Dude at the Motel Pool
featuring Carrie Dahlby
2016-08-12 (6 comments)
Steve Goodie Blue Bayoobs [It's Not Easy Being Blue]
2016-08-09 (8 comments)
Bonecage Puppy Song (Songwriting 101)
2016-08-07 (3 comments)
Robert Lund Pokemon Mon
2016-08-05 (5 comments)
Lemon Demon PokeRAP
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2016-08-25 (2 comments)
Derwood Bowen Dentist
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New lyric video for "I Want To Be Your Bruce Campbell"
We are just a few weeks away from a new Megathruster song on The Fump, but in the meantime, here's a new lyric video!

2016-06-16 Devo Spice
FuMP Sale!

Volumes 22, 32, 42, and 52 are 20% off for the next 2 weeks!

2016-06-07 Devo Spice
FuMPFest 2016 T-shirts Now Available for Pre-order
The FuMPFest 2016 t-shirts are now available for pre-order! We will be accepting orders through July 31st so that we can produce them in time for the event.

If you're coming to FuMPFest you'll be able to pick up your shirt at registration. If not we'll ship it out to you after the event.

Be sure to get your orders in before July 31st in case we sell out at the event like we did last year! We won't be making any additional shirts after the event this year, so get your orders in now.

Order your copy today!
2016-05-29 Devo Spice
Free Shipping Throughout June
The FuMP is now offering free shipping on all merchandise purchased through our store through the month of June. If you've been meaning to pick up some new or old comedy albums now is your chance to save some money.

Free shipping is available on any item shipped within the United States. Unfortunately international shipping is still prohibitively expensive so we are unable to offer this feature to our international fans.
2016-05-19 Insane Ian
Official Video for Power Salad's "Leia (And Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies)"
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