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2015-10-02 (5 comments)
Insane Ian Can't Feel My Face
Currently, one of the most popular songs right now (#1 on Billboard off and on) is by an artist who goes by the name The Weeknd (yes...no second "e").

This song, entitled "Can't Feel My Face", was brought to my attention by several friends who understandably...don't quite understand the song. Why can't he feel his face?

I think my version is a bit more understandable.

2015-09-29 (3 comments)
Nuclear Bubble Wrap Beatle Juice
2015-09-25 (4 comments)
Joe J Thomas Livin' With Fast Food
featuring Power Salad
2015-09-22 (3 comments)
STICKY BISCUITS Sock Puppet This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2015-09-18 (3 comments)
Insane Ian Let's Get Silly (IanPlugged)
2015-09-15 (6 comments)
Steve Goodie Do Your Job
2015-09-11 (12 comments)
Dino-Mike Urban Dictionary
featuring Bonecage
2015-09-08 (6 comments)
Marian Rosin (She's Your) Girlfriend
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2015-09-26 (2 comments)
Derwood Bowen Exterminators
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2015-09-19 Dino-Mike
Urban Dictionary Music Video!!!
2015-09-16 Devo Spice
The FuMP Volume 52 Now Available
The FuMP Volume 52 is now available! This album features all of the songs posted during July and August of 2015, including "Duggary," "Lucy Is A Guy With Falsies," and "Put It Away."

This album also features a video of Insane Ian performing "Ant Man" live at FuMPFest 2015.

This album is available digitally for just $9.99. CDs are still in production and have been delayed a bit due to supply chain issues. We'll let you know when physical media becomes available.

Click here for more information and to order your copy.
2015-09-16 Raymond and Scum
Everybody has a great time at FuMPFest, but
Hello, friends. Jeff Smith, one half of Raymond and Scum here and I've started a Kickstarter campaign for my indie short film called "Everybody Dies at ScaryCon." I'm coming to you, my friends at the FuMP, to help me get the movie funded! If you click over to www.ScaryCon.com and read the "Our Story" section, you'll even find an Easter egg for all of you "Weird Al" fans out there. We've got rewards like T-shirts, Posters, DVDs, a chance to be in the film, etc. The campaign ends on October 7 so if you can, please support the film. Thank you!


2015-09-08 Insane Ian
Video for
Check out the clip for Insane Ian's most popular song (#1 for August on the Dr Demento Show!)

2015-09-07 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Donate to Nuclear Bubble Wrap's Recording Studio!
Since we're making the transition to having our own fully functioning recording studio, we've decided to launch an IndieGoGo to help us get the microphones for our drum set (the last thing we need), as well as help us with the mastering and duplication costs of our new album, Multiverses. If you donate, you get stuff in return!

Donate to Nuclear Bubble Wrap's Recording Studio!
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