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Dan Hart

About Dan Hart

Dan Hart grew up in Los Angeles, where his life and music were forever changed by listening to Doctor Demento when it was a four-hour local radio show. Years later his lifelong dream was realized when his songs started being played by the good Doctor. Dan's holiday songs (such as Christmas in the Nude, Santa is a Psycho, Lobotomy for Christmas, and Santa Eats Little Kids) are a regular feature on "Christmas in Dementia" every year. These songs can be found on Dan's most recent CD Santa God and Other Blasphemies. This song collection is not for children.

Somewhere along the line Dan got a Ph.D. in psychology, but gave it up when he decided it was more fun to make crazy songs than to make sane people. Nevertheless, his experiences as a clinician have occasionally crept into his songs, thus insuring he can never return to the profession.

Hart's CDs and songs are available for purchase/download at Dan's performances, by mail order, at iTunes and cdbaby.com/danhart. For further information about Dan Hart's performances and recordings, visit him on the web at www.danhart.net and www.facebook.com/danhartmusic.

For more information on Dan Hart please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.danhart.net

2014-02-02 (11 comments)
Dan Hart The Only Straight Man In America Who Doesn't Watch the Super Bowl
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