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Circus Box 21

About Circus Box 21

Marco and Manbeast have been writing comedy songs together on and off for over 10 years, It all started with a guitar and a bottle of whiskey just two friends with a love for music and a very similar sense of humour. Tho they have been writing and recording songs since 2003 they only ever made songs for their own amusement, Circus Box 21 was only born in early 2013 when they had decided to share their twisted English humour for all to hear. They don't like to limit themselves to a particular genre of music for their songs they tend go wherever the topic of the song takes them, Tho they do find that Funky Southern Blues comes very natural to them and is a favourite choice of style within the Circus Box camp. So without further ado welcome to the Circus

For more information on Circus Box 21 please visit the artist's web site at: https://www.facebook.com/CircusBox21

2014-04-29 (4 comments)
Circus Box 21 Across The Pond
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