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Kranken Welpen

About Kranken Welpen

Kranken Welpen is a heavy metal polka band (yes, you read that correctly), currently portable, yet residing in Southern California. A real band, real talent, real edgy, real original music -- not to mention absolutely fine looking in cutting-edge black leather lederhosen, top hats, and taking leather to a whole new class. They have performed with Great White, headlined the Fender Center, and were the featured band at Stone Brewery's 2013 anniversary show, the Big Bear's 2013 Oktoberfest, and the Big Bear's Rocktoberfest at The Cave, as well.

This band is an absolute MUST HAVE for any festival especially involving and celebrating German traditions, warping those traditions, and beer!

Kranken Welpen is a wildly entertaining, Hard Rock/Metal Polka act who performs an array of original, German, hard rock polka songs as well as polka rock renditions of popular songs and heavy versions of popular oktoberfest/beerfest type music. They are very crowd interactive and keep the audience highly engaged and entertained.

For more information on Kranken Welpen please visit the artist's web site at: https://www.facebook.com/krankenwelpen

2014-07-04 (12 comments)
Kranken Welpen Der Fuehrer's Face
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