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Circuits or Gears

About Circuits or Gears

'Circuits or Gears' is a robo-centric band from the NEXT century. Combining loud, aggressive & rude machine-beats with lyrics about cybernetic subject matter, this project forecasts a future where Drumbot has taken over, having outlived all the 'meatbag' members of the Consortium of Genius. In support of the robot revolution, they serve up brutal, relentless dance beats, with little sympathy for the surviving members of humanity!

For more information on Circuits or Gears please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.circuitsorgears.com

2018-04-17 (5 comments)
Circuits or Gears Just Say No 2 H2O
featuring Drumbot
2014-10-17 (7 comments)
Circuits or Gears I Am A Robot
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