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Mick Kahler & Al Flash

About Mick Kahler & Al Flash

Mick and I have written close to 100 songs in just the one year we started working together, which began in March of 2014. His quick wit and experience in the radio business has been instrumental in improving the quality of my work. Most of our ditties are 2 minutes or under in length, which we have found to be the most successful way to get air time on the radio, as well as some TV time with our videos. There isn't anything we WON'T write about, while keeping in the context of pure and clean humor.

For more information on Mick Kahler & Al Flash please visit the artist's web site at: https://www.youtube.com/user/alfleishman

2016-02-05 (4 comments)
Mick Kahler & Al Flash Ah, Leia!
2015-10-13 (4 comments)
Mick Kahler & Al Flash Ashley Madison
2015-08-07 (2 comments)
Mick Kahler & Al Flash The Art of Smokin' Bowls
2015-04-28 (3 comments)
Mick Kahler & Al Flash Take Cover From The Flying Drone
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