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Carla Ulbrich

About Carla Ulbrich

Professional Smart Aleck Carla Ulbrich is a South Carolina native currently living in New Jersey (sympathy cards welcome). Her songs address important topics such as wedgies, shopping lists, Klingons, and the correct spelling of her name.

Carla won the Just Plain Folks Novelty Song of the Year with "What If Your Butt Was Gone," and her song "If I Had the Copyright" (The F word song) was featured in the documentary "F**K" (dir. Steve Anderson, "The Aristocrats"). In 2016, her parody of "Cheek To Cheek" (entitled.... "Cheek to Cheek") won the Logan Award for Outstanding Parody.
Carla's songs are frequently played on SiriusXM, Dr. Demento and numerous small self-destructive stations across the globe. She has played listening rooms, colleges, patches of grass in backyards, performing arts centers, boat launchings, nudist resorts, and comedy clubs in both the US and England.

"Acting": Carla has appeared on the much-maligned TV show "Up All Night with Rhonda" (canceled shortly after her appearance), the almost equally-maligned but shorter-lived talk show "The Revolution" on ABC (canceled shortly after her appearance) and as an extra in "Sharknado 2."

She has released 6 CDs, the most recent in 2016: "Totally Average Woman," produced by Bob Malone and Steve Goodie.

For more information on Carla Ulbrich please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.carlau.com

2018-04-06 (1 comment)
Carla Ulbrich You Can't Sit Down in a Stormtrooper Costume
2018-03-09 (3 comments)
Carla Ulbrich The Harvest Box Is Coming
2016-11-25 (5 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Stuck at 13
2016-10-28 (2 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Fat Elvis
2015-10-16 (8 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Now and Later
featuring Bobby Brescia and Steve Goodie
2015-09-01 (7 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Cheek to Cheek
2015-07-31 (8 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Ragnarok
featuring Steve Goodie
2015-06-16 (12 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Dr. Pepper
featuring Steve Goodie
2014-11-07 (4 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Breakaway
2014-08-05 (12 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Manburger in Bearadise
featuring Bobby Brescia
2012-01-03 (10 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Love Connection (Jazz Version)
2010-07-30 (6 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Swamp Thing
2009-08-18 (12 comments)
Carla Ulbrich The Force Is The Force
2008-09-23 (18 comments)
Carla Ulbrich Duet With A Klingon
2008-03-18 (12 comments)
Carla Ulbrich National A**hole Directory This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
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