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Jodi Krangle

About Jodi Krangle

Singer Jodi Krangle has performed throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. A modern chanteuse, her rich, versatile voice lends itself to jazz, big band, pop, and acoustic music. Jodi’s discography includes lending her talents as a guest vocalist on six of Chris Conway's albums, three albums with her acoustic trio Urban Tapestry, Debbie Ridpath Ohi (lyrics), a live album with retro/swing big band Play It With Moxie, and most recently her debut solo album Time Will Tell, featuring Chris Conway. Jodi’s influences as a vocalist range from classic jazz era artists such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald to the crystal clear, smooth pop sound of Karen Carpenter. She is an experienced songwriter, both as a solo composer and in collaboration with other artists. Within the Filk music genre, Jodi is the 2004 Pegasus Award recipient for “Best Filk Song” with her composition The Lady. Jodi is also the creator of a well-known songwriting resource website called The Muse's Muse. The site, created in 1995, has won awards and acclaim in various well-­known publications such as Billboard and Keyboard Magazine, as well as The Wall Street Journal. Time Will Tell is Jodi Krangle’s first solo project, featuring the musical stylings of Chris Conway. The album covers a wide range of genres, and showcases Jodi’s mastery of a variety of vocal styles. Selections on the album range from traditional songs to covers of classic jazz standards such as Goodnight My Love to quirky originals such as Sex and Chocolate, composed with her Urban Tapestry band mate Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Even fellow Canadian Neil Young gets the Krangle treatment with Jodi’s cover of Harvest Moon.

For more information on Jodi Krangle please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.jodikranglemusic.com

2016-05-31 (5 comments)
Jodi Krangle Sex & Chocolate
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