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Chris Waffle (lead vocals and bass) moved to Portland from a state to the south which shall not be named. He started writing and releasing nerd rock albums in 2005 as part of his former band Hot Waffles. The origin of his clever, goofy, nerd rock songwriting super power is said to have begun when, after endless hours of playing Castlevania, he finally beat the final boss. In a raw, visceral, joy, he threw his controller down and danced like Carlton only to watch on in horror as a gargoyle dropped down to begin a second final fight. With virtually no life left, and the controller half way across the room, he watched helplessly as he died on the brink of greatness. In rage and grief, he vowed to find greatness one day in the only way he knew how – writing songs, singing about nerd pop culture, and perhaps one day facing the gargoyle again – face to face, man to man.

Hailing from the Greater Chicagoland Area of the Middle West, Joel Machiela (Guitar and vocals), or “Joel” as his friends call him, has always dreamt of becoming a rock star. He’s hoping that playing in Megathruster does not derail that dream

For more information on MEGATHRUSTER please visit the artist's web site at: http://megathruster.com/

2016-08-23 (5 comments)
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