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The Flatworms

About The Flatworms

Formed in Phoenix, AZ by King Nettle and Glom the Mighty (and later Skwid and Chief Cheese), The Flatworms were/are a collective middle finger pointed directly at the banal, a juicy raspberry blown straight at the dearth of art and culture in the sweltering desert metropolis -- and the world in general. Drawing from classic rock, metal, prog, and country, The Flatworms subverted the genres with a punk aesthetic, infusing absurdist humor, certain anatomical references, bodily functions, graphic violence, and gratuitous bananas into a mixed-bag of Dada and doodoo. In their short career, The Flatworms released three cassette-only releases, including the legendary "The Early Worm Gets the Bird," which found a fervent following in the mail art culture of the time, and "Bedrooms, Backyards, and Boondockers", a live recording that captured the energy of their raucous fans. Years later, The Flatworms opened a "Can of Worms." endeavoring to track down the original raw 4-track recordings, discovering never-before-released gems and polishing a few turds in the process. Over an exhaustive ten-year period, they remixed, remastered, and rearranged original music from the archives. Currently, Glom is a rock-and-roll musician in the band The World Record . Skwid is an actor, screenwriter and director, Chief Cheese is a Clio-awardwinning composer, and King Nettle lives in Manchester with his family and may or may not drum with the 24-Hour Party Poopers.

For more information on The Flatworms please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.theflatworms.com

2017-07-21 (2 comments)
The Flatworms The Duel This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
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