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Kyle Cawthon

About Kyle Cawthon

Kyle is an audio engineer by trade but has a passion for gaming, music, movies, travel, and just about everything else that someone would probably write in a dating profile. Originally started a comedy troupe while stationed in South Korea called "Trouble Planet", where they would make sketch comedy videos and perform stand-up comedy at the Osan Lounge. It was at the Osan Lounge that Kyle discovered that writing new jokes every week was hard, so instead he opted to just play comedy songs or write his own, since you could play the same song every week and people would still enjoy it. After everyone left Korea, in an attempt to still make content for the comedy troupe, Trouble Planet started working on a show called, "Mom Can I Have Another Dollar", where they would play arcade games classics, from the well known (X-Men) to the bizarre (Chiller). Eventually they started to make a contest of it and made more and more absurd punishments, with the first having Kyle banished to Antarctica, a gag so unbelievable that people really didn't think it was real.

For more information on Kyle Cawthon please visit the artist's web site at: http://kmcawthon.wixsite.com/kylecawthon

2017-07-04 (6 comments)
Kyle Cawthon One in a Million
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