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Truth in Advertising

About Truth in Advertising

June 25, 2010, is a random date with no bearing on anything that I can think of, but it was around the time that the musical duo, hitherto trio, hitherto+ quadrangle Truth In Advertising gathered in the gloaming hours of an early to mid-summer's evening to begin work on what shall hereafter be known as Another Wanderlust Mellon.(1) This EP is the culmination of 7 years of work, 694 hours of unpaid intern labor, and 4 hours of medically induced labor. These five songs represent the absolute best we could do, and if you don't like it, there are at least 400 other entertainment options for you right now at your fingertips. (1) Fred insists on footnoting that he distinctly remembers the conversation in which the album's name came up for a vote, and he is willing to stake his life on the fact the two finalists were "The Stable Boy of Princess Archimedes," and "Shrimp Rafflers."(2) Fred maintains that he has never experienced even one wanderlust melon, which makes this title facile and inherently inaccurate. (2) Other album title contenders, "Endorphin Supply," "Harriet's Stubborn Moonbeam," "California Dust Storm," "The Dowsing Rod," West, North, East, and Truth in Advertising (the band, not the general concept)," "The soundtrack to

For more information on Truth in Advertising please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.AWMelon.com

2017-08-15 (6 comments)
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