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Matt Griffo

About Matt Griffo

Matt Griffo was born August 24, 1985 in Rochester, NY. Everyone always said he was a very cheerful baby (as far as babies go). His family didnít have a lot of money so he didnít have his own bedroom until the house could be remodeled when he was 10 years old. Jim Griffo was always playing music and trying to teach Matt how to drum. Jim would do a simple rhythm and Matt would repeat it, the rhythms would eventually become more and more complex as the game went on. Jim was giving his son fun rhythmic ear training that was shaping his musical mind. Matt was listening to a Mozart piece and asked his father how to play it on piano. Jim told him to listen to the music and then try and figure out the notes and Matt did just that. Eventually Jim gave matt a ďlearn how to play pianoĒ book for kids. He starting learning from that and then starting figuring things out by ear about halfway into the book. He began DJing at the age of 15 or 16 and still DJís private events today. He graduated from Eastridge High School in Monroe County in 2004 and got a job as a graphic designer for a media marketing company in Rochester after that. He didnít have enough money for college and felt like the student debt would be a bigger loss to him than if he didnít go and started doing what he wanted in the first place. So he saved up money and moved to Chicago in 2005 to train at the Second City the sketch comedy theater and improv training grounds. He slept in his big green conversion van for two weeks until he found a place to live. In 2006 he became a Second City music director and began teaching music improvisation at the training center until 2008. He began performing at underground venues in Chicago in 2007 at open mics and showcases and eventually comedy festivals in and outside of Chicago. He toured with Second City for a short period after that. Matt still writes his own original comedy music, plays piano for private events, is payed to perform at theaters, bars and cabarets, and creates music videos that can be seen online.

For more information on Matt Griffo please visit the artist's web site at: http://mattgriffo.com

2018-04-10 (2 comments)
Matt Griffo Butt Stuff This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2017-10-03 (5 comments)
Matt Griffo Privilege
2017-09-12 (2 comments)
Matt Griffo Please Die (Healthcare Bill Song)
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