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The Belle Isle Rats

About The Belle Isle Rats

The Belle Isle Rats are one of a kind musical duo consisting of Detroit natives Mike Renneker and Tom Saloka. We do not tour. We do not play live. We record only once every year or two, during the the sweltering LA summer heat and we are no longer young. None of that is conducive to success in the music business. Luckily, we don't care. Basically, we write and produce entertaining, adventuresome, humor-infused songs in muiltiple genres about offbeat topics. Genre’s we’ve desecrated thus far include rock, prog-rock, hip-hop, ska, polka, disco, opera, gospel, swing, jazz, funk, surf and acapella. And several songs that combine genres that generally don’t go together well. Mike writes the songs (with Toms input, often while lying on the couch), plays guitar and creates the tracks. Tom provides the groovy drumming and even though he’s not a singer (and that’s being kind) he offers up at least one stellar vocal performance on each new batch of Rats tunes. What he may lack in tone and pitch control, he more than makes up for in expression and delivery! Other trademarks of Belle Isle Rats music include: stupid/clever lyrics, sudden & unexpected musical left turns, colorful production, genre hopping and harmonized guitar solos. All of it is written and recorded in decidedly non-studio spaces in LA and Las Vegas. One of Mike’s previous projects, “Chuck Lucky & the Gentlemen of Leisure,” was played regularly on the Dr Demento show. Their song, “Dead Elephant Dance,” made it to the Funny 5 many weeks in a row and was included on “The Basement Tapes - Volume 10.” In between summer Belle Isle Rats recording sessions are fabulous dinners cooked by Tom, Single Malt Scotches, expensive trips to Jerry's Famous Deli, watching monster musicians at The Baked Potato jazz club, piano tunings, sweaty bike rides, cooking shows on cable, searching for Monty Python skits on YouTube, minor annoyance with each other, general goofiness & late night hangs. And perhaps another scotch. Ultimately though, The Belle Isle Rats seek only to offer up a fun listen. So please give us a listen and spread the word!

For more information on The Belle Isle Rats please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.belleislerats.com

2018-11-06 (2 comments)
The Belle Isle Rats Chemistry Dog
2018-09-18 (1 comment)
The Belle Isle Rats Reasonably Good
2018-04-24 (1 comment)
The Belle Isle Rats Bowl With You
2018-03-02 (5 comments)
The Belle Isle Rats Unless There's a Game On
2018-01-23 (5 comments)
The Belle Isle Rats Too Old to be a Boy Band but Too Young to Die
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