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BS de Resistance

About BS de Resistance

BS de Resistance is the brainchild of voice actors Dale Leopold and Lyssa Graham, who have pulled together a troupe of like-minded voiceover colleagues to help create the bonkers world of Trump's America, with a glimmer of hope in the form of four-year-old superhero The Purple Avenger. THe core group is Lyssa Graham, Dale Leopold, Nancy McLemore, Chris Mezzolesta, and Karyn O'Bryant. Guest Resisters so far have included Liz deNesnera and George Washington III. Scripts are by Dale & Lyssa, original music composed & performed by Chris, with songs written by Dale & Chris. Production & mixing by Dale. Subscribe to the podcast and follow our adventures! And don't forget to call the Call BS Line at 1-8-666-CALL-BS (1-866-622-5527).

For more information on BS de Resistance please visit the artist's web site at: www.BSdeResistance.com

2018-07-06 (1 comment)
BS de Resistance The Eagle and The Bear
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