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The Chris Waffle Experience

About The Chris Waffle Experience

Can you catch the light from a star and put it in a bottle? Can you capture the dreams of a newborn baby and put them in your pocket? Can you record the siren song of a mermaid and put it on youtube? The same can be said for Chris Waffle. Once known as the "pretty boy" of the comedy music scene, Chris has established himself via fan and critical acclaim as one of the eminent creators of superior comedy rock in this century. Mostly known for his work with Hot Waffles (George Lucas Raped Our Childhood, Living On A Roll and a Prayer) as well has his successful collaborations with Devo Spice and The great Luke Ski, Chris is now working on solo material that pushes the boundaries of anything you've heard from him before. Why does he do it? For the fans. Especially the ladies. (And his brother didn't want to have anything to do with these songs)

For more information on The Chris Waffle Experience please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.hotwafflesmusic.com/category/cwe/

2012-06-05 (3 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience That Guy
2012-05-08 (6 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience The Funniest Guy In The Office
2012-02-21 (4 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience Penguins Are Disgusting
2009-12-15 (7 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience White Elephant
2009-11-03 (11 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience Teabaggin' The USA
2009-09-25 (19 comments)
The Chris Waffle Experience All I Do Is Pretend To Work (While I'm At Work)
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