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The Boobles

About The Boobles

The Boobles are:

Juan Mellon
Raul McHartteats
Jorge Chesterson
Gringo Tarrt

The Boobles is a comedy music project created solely to raise money for breast cancer research for treatment and a cure, through the ultimate trifecta of the timeless music of The Beatles, the power of comedy, and that which has captivated man for centuries... boobs!

The Boobles began developing in 2007 as the brainchild of Juan Mellon who discovered while listening to his Beatles collection that there were many parody ideas presenting themselves, much to his delight all centering around two things: women's breasts!
You can pick up their debut album, "The Pink Album" at www.theboobles.org, with all proceeds after manufacturing costs being donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! It's all to tickle your funny bone while working to cure the scourge of breast cancer!

All the talent and resources for this project are donated, no one is being paid for performing and no one is personally profiting from this project. We're not here to make a buck, we're here to save boobs by being... well, boobs! Support the Boobles by downloading the High Quality mp3 downloads here for only .99 cents and grab "The Pink Album" at www.theboobles.org!

All we are saying, is GIVE TEATS A CHANCE!!!

For more information on The Boobles please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.theboobles.org

2015-07-28 (10 comments)
The Boobles Lucy Is A Guy With Falsies
featuring Robert Lund and Spaff.com
2014-11-28 (6 comments)
The Boobles Have Natural Es
2012-05-15 (5 comments)
The Boobles I Wanna See Your Cans!
2010-02-12 (15 comments)
The Boobles Oh Won't You Show Your Cans (Mono Versions)
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