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About Dino-Mike

For over a decade, Dino-Mike has been recording and performing his unique brand of music all over the Southern California area as well as select venues around the country.

Mike currently has three full length albums under his belt and is working on his fourth. You will also find Mike’s hilarious music videos on his YouTube channel where his fan base is beginning to snowball (www.youtube.com/dinomike13).

Dino-Mike’s music is played regularity on the nationally syndicated “Dr. Demento Show”, on podcast giant “The Rocking Comedy Show” (which currently has over 100,000 downloads a month) and several other similar radio shows and podcasts.

Mike has performed his over-the-top live shows at such famous venues as “The Hollywood Knitting Factory”, “The Cat Club”, “The Historic Colony Theatre”, "MarsCon", "DiPiazza's", "El Cid" and “San Diego Comic-Con International”.

You can check Mike's web-site for the latest news, shows, songs, videos and much more!

For more information on Dino-Mike please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.dino-mike.com

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More Info


More Info

2015-01-06 (5 comments)
Dino-Mike Biggest Fan
featuring Cara Akemi
2014-01-03 (7 comments)
Dino-Mike Fight the System
featuring The Gothsicles
2013-08-20 (5 comments)
Dino-Mike My Favorite Part
featuring Austin Aeschliman
2013-05-31 (10 comments)
Dino-Mike This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song. This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.
2013-01-25 (11 comments)
Dino-Mike The New Me
2012-06-22 (11 comments)
Dino-Mike Speed Racer Wannabe
2011-11-25 (8 comments)
Dino-Mike Hymn for Sin
2011-05-17 (16 comments)
Dino-Mike Special Day
2011-03-15 (9 comments)
Dino-Mike Nuff Liquor
featuring Austin Aeschliman, Jace McLain, and Phoebe Carter
2011-02-11 (20 comments)
Dino-Mike Perfect Girl
2010-11-16 (18 comments)
Dino-Mike Hands-Free Device
2010-10-19 (16 comments)
Dino-Mike Halloween Night
2010-08-20 (23 comments)
Dino-Mike All The Same
featuring Rachel VanNatta
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