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About Toyboat

Toyboat is a filk rock band from various places in the midwest. They are, Mike Nixon - Lead Guitar, Jason Neerenberg - Bass and Guitar, gundo - nearly every instrument that a rock band can contain, Eric Coleman-Drums and Guitar, and David M. Stowell - Keyboards. Everyone but David sings (we'll work on him, he's new), Mike writes most of the songs. Their live shows got them a Pegasus Award nomination for Best Performer this year (2010). They have played at conventions all over the midwest the last couple of years, and have appeared everywhere from main stages to room parties (their room party shows at Marscon have been particularly raucous). Their songs run the gamut from serious SF hard rock songs to deconstructions of classic filk songs to evil, evil parodies (Mike is a bad bad man). The intention is to get more of the parodies recorded and up here on the Fump. In the meantime quickly repeat after me TOYBOAT TOYBOAT TOYBOAT !!!

For more information on Toyboat please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.toyboatband.com

2010-10-31 (6 comments)
Toyboat Zombie Momma
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