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Flat 29

About Flat 29

Flat 29 are Dan, Rich and Charlie. They make beautiful and silly music together, as well as hosting a regular comedy podcast, "Flat 29's Big Book of Everything."

They met in around 2004 at a poncy perfoming arts school, doing degrees in Sound Technology and Music Management. They did once live together in a "flat 29", but this has since been burned to the ground (not by them), so the name now describes them as a collective entity, rather than any kind of physical building.

Through a shared love of music and comedy they formed a band, and over their years living together put out three full studio albums (and counting), available from their website.

After leaving their shared flat there was a brief hiatus, until November 2009, when they started to create and release their fortnightly comedy podcast. In this podcast, they create a brand new song for every chapter, meaning they have a very high turnover of new material, in their everlasting quest to throw just enough sh*t at the wall in the hope that some of it sticks. In any case, there will probably have to be a lot of cleaning up of the wall in question and surrounding areas afterwards, which noone is looking forward to..

Said About Flat 29

"How can you not love [Flat 29]? I think that's just so charming, and as well they're quite cute" - Lauren Laverne
"Hysterically funny" - Alan Fletcher aka Dr Karl Kennedy
"I have to say [Flat 29 are] my personal favourite" - Richard Madeley
"Britain's answer to 'The Flight Of The Conchords'" - Gordon Charlton, Polydor

visit www.flat29.com for more info

For more information on Flat 29 please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.flat29.com

2012-08-28 (6 comments)
Flat 29 My Vegetarian Friend
2012-02-24 (8 comments)
Flat 29 Teach Your Baby Bass Guitar
2012-01-10 (6 comments)
Flat 29 Menfriends
2011-07-26 (9 comments)
Flat 29 Dutiful Ladies
featuring Chris Mezzolesta
2011-04-12 (17 comments)
Flat 29 Sneaking Snacks Into the Cinema
featuring the great Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby
2011-03-04 (7 comments)
Flat 29 Cook Up A Little Bit Of Love This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2010-12-28 (18 comments)
Flat 29 You're an Old Lady (Who Used to Be Hot)
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