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The FuMP

About The FuMP

The FuMP quite simply is The Funny Music Project. We just thought The FuMP had a nice ring to it. Like the ringing a boxer hears after he's been hit in the head one too many times.

The FuMP is a collaborative effort made up of a core group of comedy musicians. These are Devo Spice, Possible Oscar, Raymond and Scum, Rob Balder, Robert Lund and Spaff.com, Sudden Death, the great Luke Ski, Tom Smith, and Worm Quartet. These artists have committed to releasing new or unlreleased recordings of their music to the public under a Creative Commons license. This means we promise not to be upset when a video of you lip syncing to our song in your underwear appears on YouTube.

That also means all of our songs are 100% podsafe. We have set up an account with The Podsafe Music Network. Additionally you may register with us as a podcaster to get download access to all the archived songs. Also note that our artists have recorded many songs that have not been released on The FuMP but are still podsafe. Visit our Artists page and click on the More Info link next to the artist's name to contact an artist or visit their web site.

In addition to the core members there are several additional auxiliary members who will also be contributing songs to the project here and there. These include Bob Ricci, Paul and Storm, Carla Ulbrich, Carrie Dahlby, Project Sisyphus, Seamonkey and Jonathan Coulton, whose business model we stole borrowed to set this up.

A new song will be posted every Tuesday and Friday. These songs are available as a free download (128k MP3) from the home page. We also provide an RSS feed so you can subscribe to the podcast of these songs and get the downloads automatically in iTunes or some other podcatching program.

In addition to the free MP3 there is also a high quality MP3 (320k) available for purchase for $.99. Songs can be purchased individually or as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription (Level 1) is $4.99 and gives you access to all the high quality downloads as soon as they become available.

Every two months a FuMP compilation CD will be released featuring the songs of the previous two months. Wherever possibe the CD will include bonus material such as extra songs, interviews with the artists, live performance videos, games, and more. This CD will retail for $9.99, plus shipping. We also offer a monthly subscription (Level 2) which includes all the high quality MP3s (320k) and the CD which will be automatically shipped to you every month.

All subscriptions also disable the Google ads on the site. And since we're not too proud to beg we've also set up a donation box.

So that's the scoop. Come on in. Have a look around. And be prepared for an onslaught of funny music in 2011!

For more information on The FuMP please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.thefump.com

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