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Tony Goldmark

About Tony Goldmark

Tony Goldmark is the son of pedal-steel guitarist Joe Goldmark and singer/songwriter/producer Kathi Kamen-Goldmark, the latter of the Rock Bottom Remainders (a band that has counted Stephen King, Warren Zevon and Simpsons creator Matt Groening among its members). Goldmark was only 13 when the glorious power of nepotism helped his first award-awaiting album, You Bug Me! Songs Guaranteed To Annoy Your Parents, get thrust into unwilling existence in late 1996. His very first Dr. Demento airplay came a few months later, with his majestic 96-second ode to ichthyological paranoia, "I Know You're A Fish." Since then, Goldmark has scored such Dr. Demento hits as the self-explanatory "Kill The Backstreet Boys" (#9 of 2000), the anti-Creed screed "Teeth Clenched" (#3 of 2003), the smash Harry Potter/Sir Mix-A-Lot parody "Sirius Black" (#2 of 2004), the ode to a guy who doesn't know things "The Guy Who Doesn't Know Things" (#11 of 2005, as part of the band Flying Like Wilma) and of course the tribute to our good friends at cable news, "The Guy On TV Is Not Happy" (#6 of 2010). So far two of Tony's Dr. Demento hits have had titles that begin with the words "The Guy." Watch this space for further developments. GOLDMARK AFTER DARK, Tony's very-long-awaited first solo album in ten years, was finally released in April 2014. Tony also has a YouTube channel in which he hilariously deconstructs theme parks in every way but literally. You can watch those videos, including his signature series "Some Jerk With A Camera," at youtube.com/tonygoldmark.

For more information on Tony Goldmark please visit the artist's web site at: http://twitter.com/tonygoldmark

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Goldmark After Dark

Tony Goldmark
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2014-11-04 (5 comments)
Tony Goldmark Humility Tower (Real America's Even Longer Radio Edit)
2014-09-19 (7 comments)
Tony Goldmark Cause It's French (alternate lyrics)
featuring Kyle Kallgren
2014-06-13 (3 comments)
Tony Goldmark Everyone Else (Extra-Offensive Alternate Version)
2014-04-01 (11 comments)
Tony Goldmark Theme From Officer Down
2013-11-29 (8 comments)
Tony Goldmark Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die)
2013-09-17 (6 comments)
Tony Goldmark You Don't Know Jack
2013-07-02 (6 comments)
Tony Goldmark The Guy On TV Is Not Happy (2013 Version)
2013-05-14 (6 comments)
Tony Goldmark The Road!
2011-12-30 (7 comments)
Tony Goldmark One Damn Lane
2011-11-08 (10 comments)
Tony Goldmark Not Dead
2011-10-07 (28 comments)
Tony Goldmark Burn
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