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Some guy called Doug

About Some guy called Doug

Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes uplifting, sometimes stark and foreboding, PEOPLE REMEMBER THESE SONGS! From the sing-along catchiness of "Must Have Chocolate" to the unexpected philosophical insights of "Your Father's Underwear" to "Free Gas," a protest song for gas guzzlers, Doug Hamilton puts his finger on what's terrifyingly funny about our world and just keeps probing. In performance Doug moves effortlessly between piano and guitar, and in one number he actually plays both at once! He has an engaging way with an audience, somehow both laid back and very intense. A committed multi-instrumentalist (all multi-instrumentalists should probably be committed) in addition to the aforementioned, Doug also attempts to play stand-up bass, bass guitar, mandolin, lap steel, fiddle, trumpet, accordion and pretty much anything else that comes to hand. Currently fantasizing about a sousaphone, or even better, a helicon. In real life Doug is a techie at a major university (we won't embarrass them by saying which one). In another guise he is the upright bass player (the bass is upright, not Doug, although Doug is usually upright as well for large portions of the gig) for the Brit-Bluegrass band Appalachia--www.appalachiamusic.co.uk. Most of all, Doug loves testing his songs on human subjects, with (mostly) felicitous results.

For more information on Some guy called Doug please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.someguycalleddoug.com

2013-04-19 (7 comments)
Some guy called Doug Your Father's Underwear
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