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Denny Brownlee

About Denny Brownlee

Denny Brownlee has delighted audiences for nearly three... hours, over the past 30 years. God calls Denny His "Joy Bringer." Satan has other names for him, which we'd rather not repeat.

When Denny was 5, he did his first voice impression - Jimmy Cagney, to a packed living room of chuckling grownups. While still in kindergarten, he did a crayon drawing - complete with a funny caption - his first attempt at writing comedy. Soon he was entertaining classmates, annoying teachers, and getting kicked out of the adult church choir at age 14 for being "too adolescent..." "Pfft - whatever... didn't want to be in your stupid choir anyway... Mom."

This in-depth training honed Denny's ability to: talk his way out of trouble, make friends with all the bullies, and get all the girls... to turn and look the other way... while rolling their eyes... and making rude comments. Fortunately one girl, Sandy, accidentally turned toward him, and stared.... They've been staring at each other and unconsciously mouth-breathing ever since - as well as creating stories, songs, characters and bits that cause audiences to laugh, cry, and sigh heavily while fidgeting and frequently checking their watches.

Denny's performing experience includes 25 years of stage plays and sketch comedy, a children's character on the cable TV network INSP, and a dozen years as a wacky and madcap morning show co-host in Christian radio. No, really, it was actually funny... seriously... Still, his most well known bit is the Porky Pig-like rendition of "Blue Christmas," originally played on the John Boy and Billy radio show, and now a holiday classic that has played all over the world.

For more information on Denny Brownlee please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.re-maginations.com

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Denny Brownlee Colonoscopy
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