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Crush Groove

About Crush Groove

This is Crush Groove. Not the awesome movie, but the band. The movie title starts with a totally different letter than the band. Other differences include a guitar player named Trip who is in the band, but not the movie, and the movie has LL Cool J in it. The band doesn't have LL Cool J in it. They tried numerous times, but he just kept saying "No, No. I'm not gonna do it". The band does not endorse LL Cool J at this time.

For more information on Crush Groove please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.facebook.com/crushgroovemusic

2013-10-15 (3 comments)
Crush Groove Heavy Metal Halloween Hero
2013-08-27 (5 comments)
Crush Groove The Weed Fart Song!
featuring Seamonkey
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