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Garden Fresh

About Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh began in early 2010, when a tub of salsa rang up on a cash register screen as "G-FRESH." Thinking this would be a good name for a rap group but lacking the requisite street cred themselves, rock musicians Chris Coon and Pete Johnson set out to create hip-hop alter egos who could espouse the polar opposite of that genre's stereotypical content while still reveling in its music and machismo. Dubbing themselves Professor Fizizizt (read: physicist) and Tha Dome, Garden Fresh eschew praising money, intoxication and misogyny, instead penning clever odes to thrift, water and politeness to a fault. The result is a jovial all-ages show full of catchy choruses and witty wordplay, guaranteed* to amuse and/or delight.

* void where prohibited

For more information on Garden Fresh please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.gardenfreshrap.com

2013-09-27 (9 comments)
Garden Fresh Water
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