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2009-06-19 (0 comments)

Dissecting the "...Cow"

By now you've probably heard the slammin' new parody of Black Eyed Peas' electro-funk hit "Boom Boom Pow" that I call "Moo Moo Cow"! It actually turned (tuned?) out better than I had hoped for when I decided to make it... but MAN was this thing fraught with problems!
First of all, my wife hooks me on American Idol every year. Now don't go questioning my integrity... if you saw "Normal Gentle" on this last season then you saw exactly what I wish I could've done on A.I.! That aside, this year they had the Black Eyed Peas as a musical performer and they performed "Boom Boom...", but when they did and they got to the autotuned portions of the song it sounded NOTHING like the original... it sounded like just rapping out the lyrics and then some guy behind the scenes forgot to push a button. So I thought, "Oh, to use the Autotuner we've gotta just RAP out the lyrics in monotone and then tell Autotune which notes we want to hit on which word or whatever. So Seamonkette and I went into the studio and laid down our tracks that way. Um, no. Doesn't work that way. Apparantly you have to at least TRY and sing for it to work.
So after fiddling with that for a few hours, we gave up and went home. I was SEVERLY defeated, because I had a FuMP deadline to meet (meat?) and I'd just wasted all that stuido time.
I'm the world's worst at researching anything (like I said, I heard what American Idol sounded like and figured "that's just how you do it"). But after wasting hours and studio time/money I decided to research on Google and I found how to make that "T-Pain" sound, which called for us to re-record our vocals.
Not incidentally, my home setup was giving me problems and there was a short somewhere which was bleeding the guide track into our vocal recordings! Thus doing recording in an actual studio in the first place. But after the failed studio vox and some rigging I decided to try the home setup again, and Seamonkette and I redid many many takes to get some good ones.
The 2nd set (3rd now?) had a static buzz to them from an apparant mic-cord short! SO, it was BACK TO THE STUDIO!!
We recorded our 3rd (4th) real set of vox, and at that time we had to redo the FuMP schedule (thanks, Steve Goodie!) because the track simply wasn't ready. But that wasn't the end of my problems!
I FINALLY made it through multiple program crashes and power outages to produce what you have on your plate right now... my finest (I think) parody production to date... "Moo Moo Cow"!! Please enjoy the blood, sweat and, yes, tears that went into this recording and PLEASE email Ryan Seacrest himself and REQUEST "Moo Moo Cow" by Seamonkey... and let him know you found it on thefump.com!!!

Thanks for all the continued support, FuMPsters!!


2009-03-26 (0 comments)

The Boobles!

Hello FuMPsters... or FuMPliens... or mutherFuMPers... WHATEVER you're calling yourself out there in FuMP fan-land! 'Tis I, the ever-lovin' (except I really hate everyone and everything) Seamonkey!
This here FuMP blog was set up to keep our fans up to date on what's happening in our little respective corners of comedydom, and being as I really HAVE NO FANS, then I'll kind of masturbate myself with typing here.

The FuMP may not see very much of Ye Olde Comedy Seamonkey this Spring and Summer of '09. Perhaps even the Fall! WHY? Is THAT what you asked? Oh, you said, "GOOD!" My bad. Well, I'll tell you WHY anyway!

The Boobles is getting downright scary as a force to be reckoned with. Who else do you know that's taking possibly the greatest musical group of all time and bastardizing their legend into an album full of parody songs dedicated to women's breasts? AND who do you know that is donating the profits from this to breast cancer research for a cure? No one??? Well, now you do!

The Boobles full length album should be (fingers crossed) available by the end of 2009 and will feature full orchestrations, tape manipulated recordings, a ShoEboX and best of all... BOOBALICIOUSNESS!!! I am currently working with members of Dallas/Fort Worth's premiere Beatles cover bands, Me & My Monkey and A Hard Night's Day as well as some contribution from Possible Oscar's own Bud Sharpe, ShoEboX from Worm Quartet and who KNOWS who else!! There will be a vinyl pressing in addition to the customary CD and mp3 downloads to tantalize that inner audiophile (will there be any backward masking??)! So practice patience with the Seamonkey this year, because The Boobles will be the comedy music event of the decade! Yeah, Weird Al, you heard me say that!

Watch the NEW FuMP BLOG, seamonkeymusic.com, my MySpace and Facebook pages and where ever else you get your Seamonkey to keep abreast (heh heh) of how it's coming along!

Thanks for any support anyone can send in regard to this project.
All we are saying, is give teats a chance!

XOXO, ~Seamonkey

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