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2016-11-08 (0 comments)

200th show!

Wow, can't believe it's been over 20 years and exactly 199 shows... we're coming up on the 200th show of the legendary Consortium of Genius, to be held in Houston this coming weekend at the Houston Arcade Expo, a wonderful arcade-centric convention that I've attended many times in the past - always a great time. Houston's got a vibrant scene when it comes to pinball and arcade collectors, and every year they clutter the hotel up nicely with three arcades-worth of classic machines to play. And this year they hired us to perform! We're going to field a great big rock show with lots of old favorites, 80's covers for the occasion, and even a couple new songs. Also trying a couple new technological toys for the occasion - running three backscreen video projectors instead of the usual one, with environmental video loops flanking the main screen. Also running a bunch of Arduino powered lighting on various things like guitars and mic stands. Lots of last minute stuff to get up to speed quickly, but so far, so good!

So last night, we shot this little promo / coda to the 'Pinkerton For President' storyline that has consumed most of the year. I had to knock this out quickly, so some corners were cut, but I think it does a decent job... big thanks to the band and to director Chris Enyart for pulling this together very quickly on a stormy evening last night...

2016-10-19 (0 comments)

Crowdsourced video done

After taking entirely too long, we finally finished and released the music video for 'Vote For Me', the theme song to COG's current cam-pain storyline. Guest video clips were shot both at Contraflow sci-fi con and a recent COG gig, as well as submitted by fans all over the country (even one from Germany!)

C.O.G. - 'Vote For Me' (COG Cam-Pain Anthem 2016) from Milo Pinkerton on Vimeo.

The ending was shot just on a whim while I was directing another video for Melissa Crory's band 'Tomb Of Nick Cage', without really knowing how it was going to fit into the overall plot - serendipity wins out again! Lots of the elements in this music video, such as the crowd scenes, were originally shot for episodes of 'Science Time', this year's series of plot-based shorts for COG.

Two actual videos actually done in a year?! Must be some kind of record around here! LOL Onward we go - a trip to Houston for our performance at the Arcade Expo is looming, November 12th...

2016-07-27 (0 comments)

Finally, something new! Science Time part 6

Finally, after many weeks, a new cam-pain video from the COG camp:

This one was of course a chore to edit (but quite worth it!) I knew I was making more work for myself by putting lots of Drumbot in there... also, people were really available at separate times to record their parts, so all of that had to be pieced together as well. Finally, last night, we found ourselves in need of a 'Trixie Knows Better' theme song, so we quickly cribbed together what you hear on the end right before rehearsal (we were thinking of 'The Monkees' but I think it came out a little different from that, as usual!)

This recording is also the singing debut of our new Lab Girl Penelope Crumpet, whom you shall meet in the coming weeks...

2016-05-19 (0 comments)

...and then, THIS happened!

2016-05-05 (0 comments)

Once again, it's SCIENCE TIME.

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