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2016-04-05 (0 comments)

Getting geared up for the New Orleans Maker Faire, this Saturday!

2016-03-29 (0 comments)


My thanks once again to Jim Fairchild for helping with the camera and to Chris Flattmann for his usual hilarious ideas...

2016-03-23 (0 comments)

New costume progress...

Well, I don't post a lot these days because there hasn't been a lot going on - until now.  COG's preparing to roar back to life with a new plotline for the year, and the first part of that concerns Pinkerton's new auxiliary brain - a costume addition that I've been wanting to add for some time now.

Here's the reveal video:

And here's a little behind the scenes video. Enjoy!

Dr. Pinkerton's new auxiliary brain! from Milo Pinkerton on Vimeo.

2016-02-19 (0 comments)

Back to life!

After a lot of nothing, COG's swinging back to life with a bunch of activities this weekend!

Tonight at 8pm, Steamcog is performing at the wonderful private arcade paradise called the Mystic Krewe of the Silver Ball. The show will be webcast from their website, so stop by and check it out!

Saturday at 2pm, Steamcog is performing a promotional appearance at Louisiana Music Factory.

And Sunday is going to be occupied with music video shooting for C.O.G. - two videos! I can hardly wait to show you some pictures...

2015-12-07 (0 comments)

new video for the Steamcog Orchestra: 'Circus of Nightmares'

New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra - 'The Circus of Nightmares' from Milo Pinkerton on Vimeo.

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