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2011-10-18 (0 comments)

New "Some Jerk With A Camera"!

The latest installment of my Disneyland-centric web series, "Some Jerk With A Camera," is now online! This episode covers how Disneyland celebrates Halloween Time, and features cameos from several fellow internet reviewers, as well as one brief but VERY super-special massive cameo indeed...not to mention, at one point, a new SONG of mine which will NOT appear on my upcoming album! http://blip.tv/some-jerk-with-a-camera/halloween-time-at-disneyland-5653386 Incidentally, all of my past episodes of Some Jerk With A Camera (covering such topics as The Country Bears movie, the 10th anniversary of Disney's California Adventure, the original Star Tours, the Top 11 Attractions in Florida but not California, and of course Captain EO) can all be found for your viewing enjoyment at somejerkwithacamera.blip.tv!

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