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2016-11-29 (0 comments)

Snow & Sadness

Smashy Claw has a new holiday EP: Snow & Sadness. 4 yuletide tunes for the seasonal affective disorder sufferer in all of us!

  1. It’s Technically Possible That I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  2. Booze, Boobs, Blood, & Blow
  3. Christmunks
  4. Santa Had a Heart Attack

2016-10-18 (0 comments)

Claw Machine 42 – Let’s Get Invisible!

Week 42 – Let’s Get Invisible! Did someone whisper in your ear?

2016-10-11 (0 comments)

Claw Machine 41 – Say Cheese and Die

Week 41 – Say Cheese and Die. Twilight Zoney consequences are at hand.

2016-10-04 (0 comments)

Claw Machine 40 – The Haunted Guitar

Week 40 – The Haunted Guitar. The phantom’s jammin’.

2016-09-20 (0 comments)

Claw Machine 38 – Pirate

Week 38 – Pirate. Avast ye swags, those legs need waxin’!

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