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2009 Hugo Nominations

Read 'em and rejoice. Especially John Scalzi, up for Best Novel, Best Related Book, and editor of Best Dramatic (Long); Charlie Stross, Best Novel; Mike Resnick, Best Novelette and Best Short Story; and [info]matociquala, Best Novelette and one of the writers of that Best Dramatic (Long) that Scalzi edited; [info]philfoglio, [info]kajafoglio, and [info]howardtayler, Best Graphic Novel; and [info]shsilver, Best Fan Writer.

I have an odd, forlorn hope that Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog would win Best Dramatic (Short). Ain't gonna happen, unless the BSG and Who eps split the vote. I have an even more forlorn hope that The Dark Knight and Iron Man will split the vote so that Wall•E wins Best Dramatic (Long). (Sorry, John, Liz. It would be WAY COOL if you won, but I don't see it happening.)


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