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Please nominate Luke Ski songs for the 2012 Logan Awards

The Logan Awards is now accepting nominations for 2012. Here are the songs I did in 2011 that qualify. If you think any of them are so good that it deserves an award, please go and nominate them at http://www.loganawards.com/nomination-form/

Parodies: Snoopy The Dogg, Sheldon's Delight, Serenity, WalkingSilly, I'm That Type Of Spy, Red Bank NJ, Skeksis Back, The Star Wars Chanukah Song, We Are The FuMP, Jabba Jive

Originals: Sneaking Snacks Into The Cinema, Smeg Head

Videos: Skeksis Back, Flat 29 Is The Flat For Me, My Figuas, Stupid Cowboy Thing, You Just Dont Get It Do You?, Shortest Song, Second Shortest Song


Luke Ski

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