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Rob Balder Creative Commons Anthem 
This parody of "Give It Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers--with backing track by Possible Oscar--is a celebration of the free-content model, the Creative Commons license, and the powerful new artistic and social freedoms which come with technology.

The idea for this song came in response to "The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture," a sad little book by a sad little man, Andrew Keen, the world's leading elitist twit. Keen misses the days when writers and artists and musicians and filmmakers had to beg the wise and knowing corporations for a chance to get their work in front of an audience. Because, you know, when it worked that way only quality entertainment reached the public.


It's awful that you can now come to TheFuMP.com and hear 365 new comedy songs a year for free. Don't you miss the days when the record labels were pre-selecting your music? That way funny music fans got shelves full of only the best comedy music in our record store! That is how it worked, yes?

Anyway, I wanted this song to go out on the first anniversary of The Funny Music Project. Your support has meant the world to us. I've included a shoutout to some--but not nearly all--of my friends and peers who are living proof that Andrew Keen is an assmuppet. His book, and the RIAA granny-lawsuits, etc. are just the roars of a mammoth in a tar pit.

Peace, and a beautiful 2008.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-12-31 devospice
Woah! That was awesome!
2008-01-01 madmanOTL
Love the song! For some reason I am picturing Rob Balder singing this dressed like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in the video and that is a very disturbing image.
2008-01-01 MrTuesday
Awesome message. And as long as you don't perform this on stage in your underwear, I'm all with ya.
2008-01-01 Xero_Storm
"Doesn't make it better when they chop a frickin' tree down." too true.
2008-01-01 Voice of Kiki
*claps* Excellent lyrics. Love the shout-outs. The music was well done, too. Great job, guys.
2008-01-01 TakeruSTakomi
Ah man, A wonderful way to open the year up. CC license for the ultimate win. Awesome job!
2008-01-01 filkertom
2008-01-01 Balder
"as long as you don't perform this on stage in your underwear, I'm all with ya" - Most of it was recorded in my underwear. Does that count?
2008-01-01 lukeski
(stands and applauds) BRAVO! :D Way to kick off the new year! Thanks for the shout out!
2008-01-01 hms42
Rob - you forgot the IDv1/IDv2 info.
2008-01-01 djseamus
Another, high-quality, dead-on parody from Mr. Balder! You even included the jaw harp, which was a highlight of the Peppers' original! As for the message of the song, thanks for the music in 2007. The Fump never fails to delight me as both a causal listener and a DJ.
2008-01-01 Molakwae
Consider the song stolen and a dollar on its way.
2008-01-01 wildcard9
Excellent song!!
2008-01-01 LoonieBin
Another year of the FuMP? Dammit I gotta buy another 6 CDs...You guys are killing me.
2008-01-01 peterfump9
2008-01-02 CaptNova
Happy Birthday FuMP, and keep up the good work. I hope to spread the word far and wide about the FuMP. Maybe do some guerrilla marketing for you guys. Also the fit against commercial culture constraining non-commercial culture go to www.free-culture.cc and d/l the free pdf for the book free culture. It talks all about it in more depth then Mr. Balder can do in his song.
2008-01-02 Waffleking
Andrew Keen really is an assmuppet.
2008-01-04 Hurricane
Hey, it's places like the FuMP that makes the internet worth having! Rad song Mr. Balder- may you and your fellow FuMPers keep out basses thumping through 2008 ^_^
2008-01-04 seamonkey
Tell it like it is, Brutha Balder! Preach it to the naysayers!!! There are THOUSANDS of mainstream, corporately established recording artists that I could be feeding my money into, but they wouldn't give me half as much pleasure as the FuMP! Thanks for the song man!
2008-01-06 Spaff.com
Rob Balder puts the "Creative" in "Creative Commons." Happy birthday, mother FuMPers.
2008-01-11 awfulhorrid
While I've bought CDs from many of the individual artists here before I keep forgetting to subscribe to the FuMP itself. You just reminded me big time -- I'm in for a Level II and I'll see what I can drop in the donation jar. Damn great song!
2008-01-16 Balder
Awesome! Thank you!
2008-01-22 ProjectSisyphus
Just heard this gem...nice! Way to "represent" the FuMP!
2008-01-26 Magekind
The theme song of the NEW digital millennium. To hell with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Next up: Re-do and put it on my YouTube.
2008-01-26 Magekind
Can't edit comments, but... maybe we should start an internet community, call it "Cult of The Amateur", and give/sell only CC art - music, text, video, whatever. Shove it up Keen's y'know. Only... I guess we'd risk getting sued by him 'cause he came up with the phrase.
2008-02-18 ronnie1969
Good song. Nice job everyone.
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