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Bob Ricci Unhackable 

Parody of "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera
New lyrics by Bob Ricci

Performance Credits:
Bob Ricci - Vocals
Jim "Jimmy 5" McCabe - Keys
Nathan Cartier - Drums
Bob Ricci - Bass Guitar

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-02-12 devospice
You do realize you've just issued a challenge to every hacker out there to go after bobricci.com, don't you? :)
2008-02-12 czwrefsteven
WOW!! Bob Ricci joins The Fump!! 2008 & The Fump are gonna rule!! Love this song 7 waiting patently 4 more.
2008-02-12 TakeruSTakomi
HEY! It's not nice to brag. Especially about things like this, because most of us are unhackable as well. What makes you so import---I'M AN IDIOT!!11!11!(message edited by L337hcker4444) Anyways, great song!
2008-02-12 Molakwae
Someone in the room heard me play this and asked, "Is that Weird Al?" A compliment to the vocal stylings, I guess.
2008-02-12 dino-mike
Welcome to the FuMP Bob!!! I am way looking forward to your new album... this song is a gem in itself.
2008-02-12 wildcard9
It is great to have Bob as part of the FuMP main stage! And his first contribution shows that he belongs here. I can't wait for future songs from him.
2008-02-12 djseamus
So now not only do I have to watch more TV to understand Luke Ski's songs, I have to go to a tech school to understand songs about computers as well? What gives here? No matter, musically this song is top-notch, Bob, exellent work. Hey, aren't you part of Project Sisyphus or is that a different Bob?
2008-02-12 weirdojace
Ha, I told him about this website. Glad to see he's finally on board!
2008-02-12 oddaustin
Great parody Bob. Can't wait for your new album Photoshop sounds great too. I can tell some the best to hear from Bob Ricci will be heard on "Bob's Gone Wild"
2008-02-13 boforeradio
I'm proud to say this song we gave this song it's first radio play on our show Bofore Radio episode Internet (Part II) Great work, Mr. Ricci. Cool to see you on The FuMP!
2008-02-15 STrRedWolf
Welcome to the FuMP! Glad to hear 'ya on here. It makes me want to check for your old works on iTunes.
2008-02-20 Spaff.com
When Bob Emmet (Project Sisyphus) joined the FuMP, I told him we needed to get more Bobs. Like, say, Bob Ricci. And now here you are! Welcome to the Bob/Rob/Robert club, Bob.
2008-02-22 austinwolfclaw
Wait a minute...STrRedWolf? From Comic Genesis?
2008-02-25 seamonkey
Ok, I thought it was a great song. But Bob, I'M supposed to be the best-looking guy on the FuMP! Dammit all!!
Welcome to the brood (now put up a more unflattering pic!) ;-p
2010-07-01 screwy
Did anyone see the irony with this song? ....Load the song fully by clicking on the play button. Go to your temp internet folder. Copy song to hard drive perminatly. Free song! Not so unhackable now are you. Instructions tributed to all the hackers and crackers out there!
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