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the great
Luke Ski
Everybody Get Weird! (An Art Paul Schlosser remix) 
For over 20 years, eccentric kazoo aficianado Art Paul Schlosser has been performing music on his accoustic guitar on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. He's released over 20 albums filled with his songs, jokes, and other strange musings. Recently he asked other artists to record cover versions of his songs and then released them all on a 'Tribute' album, which went on to win a 2007 Madison Area Music Award for Best Compilation Album. Now a regular contributor at the FuMP Sideshow, Art has asked his fellow artists to submit remixes of his songs to him for a forthcoming follow-up 'Remix' album. This track is my submission to that, based on several of his bizarre spoken pieces, titled "Everybody Get Weird!" Kazoo solo by yours truly. For more information on Art Paul, visit myspace.com/artpaulschlosser .

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-02-01 artpaul
I like it ! I think maybe I'm not the one to say it's good because I do most of the vocals but I think Luke did a real good job of mixing some of my more funny stuff and throwing in one of my better kazoo performance pieces. Thanks Luke for making me sound so good !
2008-02-01 MT
So, who does the kazoo? Is it Luke, as he states in his post above, or Art in his post?
2008-02-01 artpaul
I might have made a mistake about the kazoo.
2008-02-02 Hurricane
That was definitely different, in the best of weird sense! Now I'm slightly more curious as to what this compilation album will sound like XD
2008-02-02 Carrie Dahlby
Omg! You are a mad genius! Both of you, I mean! The colors part is my favorite part so far.
2008-02-05 seamonkey
Dude(s), I don't know about EVERYBODY, but I know of two SOMEBODIES that are DEFINITELY grade-A weirdos... now who could they be???
2008-02-09 djseamus
Oh man, This is like Frank Zappa came back from the dead and did a set with Bela Fleck, the Grateful Dead featuring spoken word from Cheech, Chong, and Jim Morrison of the Doors. The color bit rules, the "Art Paul Schlosser" bit makes my mind hurt, and the chorus is great. I'm wierd for sure!
2008-02-10 djseamus
Yep....I was still wierd the last time I checked, everything's ok. This song never fails to delight me. A thousand thanks Art Paul and Luke.
2008-02-14 ProjectSisyphus
Majorly bizarre. Nice remix!
2008-02-20 Spaff.com
Some of us like to visit Weird once in a while. Art Paul Schlosser LIVES there.
2008-02-23 artpaul
I'm not sure Spaff if a guy who has antlers on his hat on his profile photo at themadmusicarchive.com can say he just visits weird. Maybe Robert Lund is sober but his Lyricist is quite weird. Who else would write I Got Crabs from Darth Vader
2008-02-23 Angela
This mix brings a smile to my face and a chuckle to my belly. Two thumbs up for Luke and Art Paul!
2008-02-24 artpaul
I forgot to mention something the last time I posted. I forgot to say thank you everyone for your comments and also thank you luke for doing such a great job on this remix of the some of my better weird pieces.
2009-04-07 lukeski
"Everybody Get Weird", the great Luke Ski's Art Paul Schlosser remix as heard on "The FuMP" dot com and from his most recent CD "Target:Audience" is nominated for a Madison Area Music Award for Pop Song of the Year! No joke! If you'd like to vote for the song, you can sign up to do so at the MAMAs website: http://www.themamas.org/ . Warning, there is a small fee to sign up and vote ($5 I think) which goes to a charity that supports music education in schools. Art Paul is also nominated for Unique Song of the Year, and Unique CD of the Year.
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