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Luke Ski
Wilbur Robinson 

Continuing my tradition of doing songs about things I really like, this is my tribute to the Disney animated feature film 'Meet The Robinsons', one of the best films of 2007 in my opinion, which did not get nearly enough attention as it deserved. I mean, 'Surf's Up' got an Oscar Nomination, but not this? Hello?!? Anyway, if you haven't seen it, go rent or buy it today.

The music for this track was graciously donated by Carrie Dahlby, from her far superior Simon And Garfunkel 'Mrs. Robinson' parody, 'Hedwig Robinson', from her album 'Happy Ranch'. Music by Mike Haselman, Jared Ringold, John Mapes, and myself on egg-shaker.

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2008-03-11 djseamus
Well, here's yeat another Lukeski song about a movie I've never seen...but I know this song will rock because if I've learned anything from Lund and Spaff, Simon and Garfunkle parodies are awesome. And Luke - glad to hear you're playing an egg shaker....I have several of them from Rhythm Tech, Latin Percussion, and Nino Percussion. Aren't they fun? I'll leave another comment here after I've heard the song.
2008-03-11 wildcard9
I keep forgetting about this movie, I missed it when it was out in the theaters. Thanks for reminding me I need to rent it! Good song too, even if I don't get the references yet.
2008-03-11 dement1a
The Bowler Hat Guy quotes are spot on... the bit about the T-Rex made me giggle for sure. Also liked the 'great big beautiful tomorrow' part. I loved it! And if you haven't seen this flick, I recommend it as well - it's well-written as well as superbly animated by Pixar.
2008-03-11 lukeski
Hey dement1a, thanks for your comment! :D However, I must point out that it was not animated by Pixar. It was animated by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Although John Lasseter, one of Pixar's big-wigs, was an executive producer on the film. :)
2008-03-11 dino-mike
Very very nice Luke. I loved this movie (even saw it in theatre's in 3-D). And this was a very clever parody!!!
2008-03-11 davidtanny
An egg shaker? The yolk must be on us.
2008-03-12 Hurricane
There is something to be said about a Luke Ski tune- if you haven't seen the movie or show it's about you want to after listening to his tunes XD Now I have to go and watch Meet the Robinsons- blast you Mr. Ski, for being so good at what you do!! (Oh, and by Blast you I mean wonderfully executed- someday I'll have that linguistic issue fixed :P)
2008-03-12 djseamus
"An egg shaker? The yolk must be on us". Ha! You crack me up, davidtanny! That's very "runny"!
2008-03-12 scarybug
This song isn't working in the podcast. iTunes is throwing up an error.
2008-03-12 lukeski
Scarybug, try it again now. :)
2008-03-12 lukeski
Scarybug, try it again now. :)
2008-03-12 scarybug
It's working! Great song!
2008-03-13 oddaustin
Cool song, Luke. You always have great parody ideas. I saw the movie in theaters, as you mentioned it wasn't to popular so only two or three others were there. I really enjoyed it. I really like the (SPOILER ALERT) surprise at the end (involving the family tree and the Bowler Hat Guy). I'll try to mention this to my friends that run a comedy podcast.
2008-03-15 Carrie Dahlby
2008-03-15 madmanOTL
Once again, Luke Ski has made me watch a movie or tv show based on the fact he felt it was so cool that he had to write a song about it and that I would need to watch it to understand the song. Once again, he is correct.
2008-03-17 djseamus
Ok, I feel like such a dork, but I've finally heard this and Luke-ski this might be your best vocal performance ever....superb singing. You are indeed very good at what you do so I shall have to rent "Meet The Robinsons" to see what the robot is going on here.
2008-03-19 seamonkey
Luke, you are king of all media-parodies! Why are you looking at me so sternly?
Anyhoo, I love it when you showcase your talent for impersonation, so way to give me what I want, sweet-cakes!
Uh, can we forget that I said that last thing that I said there...? Thanks.
2008-03-19 seamonkey
And by "last thing" I meant "sweet-cakes". Damn, said it again, didn't I?
2008-03-23 JonnySpazzbourne
HA! Spoiler alert didn't bug me, 'cause guess what? I DID see the film! Anyway, one of your best. Loved that you put in "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" and "Don't repeat everything I say! / I will not repeat everything you say." Bowler Hat Guy's mind-control-gone-awry bits were some of my favorite parts of the movie. That, and your "apology" for the spoiler alert: "Sorry. / Too late, just move on..."
2008-03-26 buzz-lite-beer
Still writing lyrics based on other people's stories, using music you didn't create, and not even giving a crap enough to try harmonizing? Way to keep moving forward.
2008-09-07 voiceroy
buzz-lite-beer wrote: > Still writing lyrics based on other people's stories, using music you didn't create, and not even giving a crap enough to try harmonizing? Mind if we see your lyrics, hear music you created, and hear your recorded harmonies, please? You know... just for comparison's sake.
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