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the great
Luke Ski
Dementia Revolution 
featuring MC Lars
For those who are new to funny music, this is a history lesson. For those of you who have been fans of funny music for years, you now have a block-rocking anthem song to pump your fist to as you scream the refrain at the top of your lungs while you and your friends riot and burn down every Clear Channel and Entercom radio station in your city. The instigators of this La Resistance movement are Dr. Demento's hit-man, the great Luke Ski, and major nerdcore rap playa, MC Lars. Meet us at the hideout at 1300 hours. The password is 'BACONspiracy', which is the title of Luke Ski's new album containing this track, which was released today. Pick yours up at www.LukeSki.com. Also note the cameos by other such dementia revolutionaries like Devo Spice of Sudden Death, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, Jared Ringold of Possible Oscar, Chris Waffle of Hot Waffles, Carrie Dahlby, and Dr. Pinkerton and Drumbot from the Consortium of Genius.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-08-03 BathTub
Hahaha, I bet you had fun with this one.
2007-08-03 madmanOTL
Very impressive. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
2007-08-03 Hurricane
An awesome Dementia Power Ballad and a new Luke Ski album? Could today get any better?! Rock on!!
2007-08-03 Carrie Dahlby
Thank you for including me. Now I need to go hear it through my headphones...
2007-08-03 CaptNova
Thank you for team up with MC Lars. I've mentioned this a few times in the #dementia channel and now it is so.
2007-08-03 MrTuesday
I bow down to the awesomeness of this song.
2007-08-03 Alchav
Nothing but awesomeness.
2007-08-03 wildcard9
Great song!! I assume this will also be your new show theme on dementiaradio.org
2007-08-03 DJ Particle
a) Great song!! :) b) Thanks for the shout-out! :) And btw, you're getting a dedicated multishot on Revenge tomorrow! :)
2007-08-04 Derwood Bowen
YEAH! Thanks to the internet, no dumpy radio hotshots are gonna keep us away! DEMENTIA REVOLUTION IS HERE!
2007-08-05 davidtanny
No CRB, Soundexchange, or RIAA is going to keep us away from dementia.
2007-08-06 djseamus
Nice work Luke and Lars. May the world be demented from here on out! Now I can see I've got some studying up to do in the classics!
2007-08-17 robin_the_spiffy
2007-09-11 artpaul
I like this ! & It's got energy but it does remind me a little bit of The Sign of a True D-fan that you recorded with Tony Goldmark. Hey nice job though !
2009-04-26 maxgoof
Congrats on being #4 on DD Top Ten for the month of April!
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