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Rob Balder Quest for the Arkentools - Part 1 
FuMP co-founder Rob Balder is also co-creator of the Fantasy webcomic "Erfworld." This is very convenient when you want to write a song about one of your comic's characters. In this case, the subject is Lord Stanley the Plaid, the --don't call him evil-- Overlord of Gobwin Knob, wielder of the Arkenhammer, and all-around popular party guy. The song takes place just at the start of the comic, and there will be a follow-up Part 2 version after the initial story arc has reached its end. Visit Erfworld.com to catch up on the story of Stanley, Wanda, and their "perfect" warlord, Parson Gotti.

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2007-08-10 devospice
I really have to start reading Erfworld.
2007-08-10 smbrinich
I really have to remember to put the cat down before playing these songs. Or at least clip his claws first.
2007-08-10 Arrakis
Erfworld has been a great read so far, I've been following it so far - so when two of my hobby followings collide, it's great. Thanks, Rob!
2007-08-10 kellev
Awesome. Just awesome.
2007-08-10 wildcard9
An origial song by Rob about one of his webcomics. I like it.
2007-08-10 Fringe
Awesomeness squared!
2007-08-11 Flipkat
That was...unexpectedly catchy.
2007-08-13 austinwolfclaw
I kinda wish there was a general comments section on this site, because this involves the id3 tags in the mp3 files. I do a podcast, which i play these fump songs every week. This week, i had to dial into the internet because i didnt have the artist for Arkentools on hand. All it said was 128_Arkentools128.mp3 or something like that. I have noticed a few mp3s get away with no tags at all, like the Bards latest, the Jedi Drinking song. Now, I've been playing fump songs long enough to know the artist by initials... wq=worm quartet ls=the great Luke Ski! cd=Carrie Dahlby rs=Raymond and Scum rb=Rob Balder sd=Sudden Death ts=tom smith Sometimes, artists like the brobdingnagian bards, dont use initials like BB, but they would do something like bards128_JediDrinkingSongPrequel128.mp3 or something like that. Anyway, great song as always, and to all the FUMPers out there, take a little time and make sure your tags are tagged properly, just in case a podcaster like me might wanna play them ~AWC
2007-08-14 madmanOTL
Of course this song led me to read Erfworld and I after reading all of it and I can't wait for more. The song ties in very well with the story.
2007-08-22 djseamus
hmmm... the story of a mighty, epic quest told with help from a cheesy, lounge-type country song...not at all what I was expecting. It's ok, but what can you do for an encore, Rob?
2007-08-25 SciVo
Nice! FWIW, I've added The FuMP and this song to the TV Tropes Wiki page on Filk Song: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FilkSong
2007-09-08 Shirley Ujest
2007-09-10 devospice
I've had this song stuck in my head for a week now.
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