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Steve Goodie I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin' Sarah Palin 
A loving tribute to America's sweetheart.

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2008-09-14 Balder
Welcome new Auxer Steve Goodie! Man I lurve this song. Fantastically funny rhymes in there, especially hotter->slaughter->otter->water. And the "Northern Exposure theme" style was perfect. Great stuff, and glad you're aboard!
2008-09-14 Hurricane
Awesome song Mr. Goodie and welcome to the FuMP- I'm sure you'll fit right in ;)
2008-09-14 oddaustin
Absolutely awesome! Steve Goodie never disapoints, great to see you on the FuMP now!
2008-09-14 devospice
This song is fantastic. Welcome aboard!
2008-09-14 lukeski
What Devo said. I'm so happy to have Steve Goodie at the FuMP! :D
2008-09-14 filkertom
Wordy McMotto. Funny, funny stuff, and a great video as well!
2008-09-14 marcgunn
OMG! That's awesome!!!! LOL
2008-09-14 MarlinsGirl
song was good. video was hysterical.
2008-09-14 JakeWaters
This song is awesome! I'm willing to bet that even Sarah would enjoy this song!
2008-09-14 weirdojace
I just saw you two hours ago... Welcome to the FuMP!
2008-09-15 davidtanny
you nailed that one good.
2008-09-15 dino-mike
If you put lipstick on a pitbull, she's still a bitch. Nice tune Steve.
2008-09-15 gpherder
*yawn* Not impressed with this one - politics can be funny, and songs about politics can be hilarious, but this one's just a snoozer.
2008-09-15 Spaff.com
Snoozer, my ass. This is a damn-near-perfect comedy song. I'm guessing that gpherder (1) is a Republican, and (2) will loathe tomorrow's song.

Welcome to the FuMP, Steve. Goodie for you! Goodie for me! Goodie for everybody!

2008-09-15 djseamus
Well I wouldn't feel right playing this on the air, but I like it! I must admit I'm sweet on that randy, Republican eskimo too. But Palin looks alot like Tina Fey, doesn't she? I'm waiting for Fey to go on SNL and do an impression. I'm also waiting for more Steve Goodie FuMP postings.
2008-09-15 DJ Particle
Seamus, what you describe already happened this past weekend on SNL ;)
2008-09-15 mrwompy
Great song!!! And welcome to The FuMP!!
2008-09-15 marcgunn
That's awesome!
2008-09-16 djseamus
I saw clips of the Tina Fey impression today...looks like I missed that episode....but I have a feeling this won't be the last time Mrs. Palin will feel the sting of the late-nite, variety show venom.
2008-09-17 peterfump9
This is very good. One of the better Palin songs that I've heard.
2008-09-17 ProjectSisyphus
Love it! But Jake, my guess is she would NOT. Welcome to the FuMP Steve!
2008-09-18 Kristi
Love the song, but love having STEVE FREAKING GOODIE on the FuMP even more! WELCOME!!!!
2008-09-19 stevegoodie
Thanks everyone... it's swell to be a new Fumper!
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