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Robert Lund and Spaff.com Re: Your Song About My Client Delilah 
Plain White T's front man Tom Higgenson wrote the ubiquitous #1 "Hey There Delilah" about an actual Delilah. Not only was Delilah never in a relationship with Tom, however, she wasn't even interested. The song, therefore, begged for a response.

Released on The FuMP while "Hey There Delilah" was still on the Billboard charts, this parody remains one of Spaff and Robert's most [read: only] popular songs. Cinema Blend called it one of the best parodies since "Weird Al" Yankovic's "White and Nerdy," an appraisal that was repeated in an interview with Plain White T's themselves.

It has been played on terrestrial radio around the world, including in Australia, where syndicated DJs The Social Twits interviewed Spaff on the air in May, 2011.

Dr. Demento named the parody one of his top ten songs of 2007 and included it on his annual fan club CD. It was a finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. A minimalist fan video has tallied over a half million views on YouTube.

You're welcome, Delilah.

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Robert Lund: All vocals, music, and production

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-08-17 devospice
What was that you were saying about the Funny 25, Spaff? I'm pretty sure a few of your songs are going to be mixed in there at the top, like this one. This is awesome!
2007-08-17 hexWarrior
oh my goodness.... i must say that this is my favorite by you so far. ^_^
2007-08-17 Hurricane
Sweet tune dude- and Devospice has a point. This song has Funny 25 written all over it (maybe in crayon, maybe in pen ;) ). May the Law Firm of Lund and Spaff, LLP live on to litigate our comedy futures!!
2007-08-17 Derwood Bowen
Lund + Spaff = Amazing parody team!
2007-08-17 wildcard9
For some reason, I expected this to reference a Tom Jones song :-)
2007-08-17 DJ Particle
Well, Lund & Spaff already have three songs on the F25 so far (Romney at #25, Boobs at #5, Hogwarts at #4). Lund & Spaff are pretty much right up there with Weird Al and Sudden Death as contenders for "act of the year" :)
2007-08-18 Spaff.com
A while back I predicted on the Mad Music Archive messageboard that Sudden Death will finish 2007 with the top two positions on Dr. Demento's Funny 25. I subsequently withdrew that prediction because, frankly, it's unrealistic. Instead, I said, Sudden Death will get the top THREE positions.

Thanks for your comments, y'all. I kinda suck at replying to comments, but that doesn't mean that they don't make me feel all warm and chocolaty. This is fun.

2007-08-18 DJ Particle
Well, after this weekend's stats, Romney fell off the 25, but I'm not worried, you guys have a real winner with this one! :)
2007-08-18 weirdojace
Haha brilliant.
2007-08-20 Spaff.com
Romney has fallen out of the top 25? That's not good. I will notify his campaign.

Thanks for tracking this stuff, DJP. One more thing to obsess about. Heh heh. And thank you too, Jace.

2007-08-22 seamonkey
Lund & Spaff, my hats off to you, this is a great parody!
You are having a masterful year like the aforementioned Sudden Death.
Kudos from the itty-bitty underwater zoo....
2007-08-22 djseamus
I have not heard Higgenson's original version, but standing on it's own, your song is a heavenly, totally legal-tender document of comedy/folk litigation! Keep it commin' Spaff and Lund!
2007-08-24 TVsKyle
I swear, you two are among the precious, precious few that can make me laugh audibly at a song parody. This was EXCELLENT.
2007-08-25 madmanOTL
I heard the "reverse parody" of the song today. I can not really appreciate how good it is.
2007-08-25 madmanOTL
2007-10-07 kyleryan
this song is cool
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