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Devo Spice PC Halloween 
Now we go from the most un-PC song ever to a song that explores what happens when the PC notion goes way too far and threatens to undermine all the fun involved in Halloween.

Music by The Professor, of course, with special cameo appearances by Shoebox, Luke Ski, and Tom Smith.

This song is being included on the Rhyme Torrents Halloween 3.0 internet compilation CD available at RhymeTorrents.org beginning tomorrow.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-10-24 carlau
yeah! flaming poo! here's an offensive costume: HOA president! loved it.
2008-10-24 carlau
yeah! flaming poo! here's an offensive costume: HOA president! loved it.
2008-10-24 Hurricane
An awesome way to kick off the Halloween season- with a festive song that pokes fun at the PC! XD Great work and thank you Devo Spice- you know why ^_^
2008-10-24 jimmyknocker
Let me guess, you live in one of "those" communities that say, "You can't do this, you must do this or we will take care of you."
2008-10-24 filkertom
It has come to our attention that this song is .387 seconds longer than currently allowed by community standards. The jackbooted thugs will be over later this morning. Please leave the door unlocked. ;) Fun stuff, Devo! Glad to help out with it.
2008-10-24 chewy's brother
Wicked cool!
2008-10-24 lukeski
I got a rock. - Awesome as always, Devo! :)
2008-10-24 wildcard9
Oh, I am so sending this one out to the rest of my condo board. I think they will appreciate it (since we always fight with people who ignore the rules we set to make things safe for the 100-plus kids that come through the complex every year).
2008-10-24 djseamus
What about pagans or the occult? Are they allowed? I'm going to be celebrating the Samhainn, the "Celtic New Year", on the 31st, so the kids will more then likely be getting shamrocks or recycled St. Patrick's Day candy in thier pillowcases...hope they're not allergic! An awesome holiday song here Devo and Co. Happy Samhainn to ye!
2008-10-24 dino-mike
Haha!!! This song is freakin' awesome!!! Another Devo masterpiece!!!
2008-10-24 The Professor
Happy early Halloween Fumpers! This was a fun one to make. Anyone have any suggestions for props to get a Copyright Czar costume together? .. that's some scary stuff.
2008-10-24 LoonieBin
I have a duck costume you can borrow.
2008-10-24 bruceski
Don't worry djseamus, kids are smart. They drag allergic kids around because when things are split up at the end they get all the good stuff and the other kid gets whatever he can eat. I got a lot of Smarties in my childhood.
2008-10-24 djseamus
Smarties! Good stuff, though I usually prefer Mounds or Almond Joy bars...sour makes me sour.
2008-10-25 TVsKyle
Man, the Professor has just been outdoin' himself lately!
2008-10-25 ProjectSisyphus
Evidently Sudden Death and I live in the same building. Great song, neighbors!
2008-10-26 peterfump9
That's awesome (as usual)
2008-10-26 davidtanny
Who's this Devo Spice guy, and why does he sound a lot like Sudden Death? ;-)
2008-10-27 shoebox
As much as I love what The Professor did on "Fatal Error," I think this is my favorite bit of musical whatnot he's ever done for you. Seriously sweet ghoulish tunage. And awesome song, I'm happy to have been able to lend my foppy-ass accent to it. -=ShoEboX=-
2008-10-28 Spaff.com
Lovely, Devo. Three cheers for Jess and her messed-up slut costume. That's what I wear every year. Problem is, no one notices I dressed up. Ha.
2008-10-30 EMC
do u really know how clever you are, Devo? great stuff!
2008-10-30 voiceroy
Funny, funny schtuff. Also loved the subtle musical homage to "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas. Cleh-vur.
2008-12-01 The Professor
i was wondering if anyone would notice that voiceroy. nice catch.
2009-11-27 forestofthedead
Quite enjoyable.
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