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Seamonkey Breathalyzer 
Britney Spears took her song "Womanizer" to the top of the Billboard charts faster than any other song in history!
Now Seamonkey shows you how to hit rock bottom quicker than that with this parody - DUI style!
What?!? No explicit tag? That's right folks, nothin' ya can't hear on your local radio station for a change!!
Thanks to Nerraux from The Awful Show podcast for moonlighting as the cop and to the Seamonkette for the intoxicating vocal assist!

Special Note: Due to recent lay offs, ie. his own, the Seamonkey suggests you try the High Quality Download today!

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2008-11-30 oddaustin
That was awesome. Great instrumental, good vocals, awesome song idea.
2008-11-30 ProjectSisyphus
Nice parody, funny ideas. Sadly, I can't pass drunk coordination tests even while sober. It's a geek thing, I think.
2008-11-30 wildcard9
Great song. I don't know the original song and still enjoyed this one.
2008-12-01 Molakwae
I saw that music video. Comparing the two songs is causing severe hemorrhaging around my funny bone. Love it.
2008-12-01 devospice
I'll bet you look better in those outfits, too!
2008-12-01 matweller
Just to clarify, were you getting drunk with or without the sheep? I have to ask because I know all of your songs come from personal experiences...
2008-12-01 darkNES
I love you.
2008-12-01 dino-mike
Very very nice parody!!! I'm impressed.
2008-12-01 weirdojace
This was pretty clever! Good job.
2008-12-01 davidtanny
Sorry to read that you got laid off. Hope things come back for you.
2008-12-02 seamonkey
Hopefully sorry enough to spring .99 cents on the 192 mp3! LMAO!!!
Thanks for the kind comments everyone! =D FuMP 4 l1f3 !
2008-12-02 KingErroneous
I thought a bit ago that that would be a great parody. Great execution.
2008-12-02 Syrinx
Dude, this is awesome! I've had this on repeat since I've downloaded it. I'm sorry to hear about the job loss. I feel your pain in that department. Hope things turn around for you soon. If I see you at CotC in '09, I'll buy you a beer :)
2008-12-03 peterfump9
2008-12-04 Crazyblackfoot
Great job seamonkey and seamonkette!
2008-12-05 chewy's brother
7h!5 50ng k!x 50 much 455 1 k00d 5p3w, 4ll 0v3r 7h3 c0p5.
2008-12-09 Carrie Dahlby
Very nice! I especially enjoyed the Seamonkette vocals.
2008-12-09 budsharpe
This is really a fantastic song. I played on the latest episode of The Scope, and I keep coming back to it. Excellent work.
2009-01-27 jingles
Your version is WAY better than Britney's!!
2009-07-23 Peach
This ROCKS!!
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