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Moneyshot Cosmonauts Pink Christmas 
One of those nagging existential questions universally raised during the holiday season is this: What would it be like if Pink sang a two-minute medley of Christmas carols to the tune of her #1 hit "So What"?

Here's your answer.

M. Spaff Sumsion: Mission control and lyrical interbreeding
Cari Golden: Pinko vox
Bob Emmet: Instroperformoproductomixism

Merry Christmas, comrades. Now bring us some figgy pudding.

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2008-12-14 weirdojace
Man, right when I write a parody of this, you have to go make this one! Why can't I be as timely as Spaff? Oh well, nice Christmas song!
2008-12-14 oddaustin
That was awesome! I also had an idea for a parody of that and Spaff and Sisyphus done did spoofed it first. Ah, my idea wasn't that good any way. Great work guys! Oh so is the Moneyshot Cosmonauts the official title of Spaff and Sisyphus now, or what is it?
2008-12-14 JakeWaters
Very cool, guys!
2008-12-14 JakeWaters
...And I just noticed your artist name. Nearly spat my nog on my monitor when I saw that. Not exactly sure what the name means, but I'll let my imagination do the dirty work.
2008-12-14 Insane Ian
Dear god that was amazing and awesome and made me happy in my pants in only the way that P!nk (or a P!nk parody) can. Well done.
2008-12-14 davidtanny
Link to lyrics page broken.
2008-12-14 peterfump9
Excellent! Are you going to enter it in the Mad Music Archive Christmas Song Contest?
2008-12-15 JonnySpazzbourne
Wow. That track was very nicely done! EXCELLENT work!
2008-12-15 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks all for your good words. I think Spaff needs to make a video of this, where the actress pelts her ex with ornaments or reindeer droppings or something. BTW, this song is VERY hard to get out of your head.
2008-12-15 DJ Particle
> Oh so is the Moneyshot Cosmonauts the official title of Spaff and Sisyphus now Actually I want to know too...if so, then the new group name would fit as a credit for "Middle East Country, Middle Earth Mountain Troll", too ;)
2008-12-15 oddaustin
Emi, based on the description this group is Spaff when Robert Lund can't record something. I like the idea, and I like how the name came from CYA by Tom Smith.
2008-12-16 starsongky
Best holiday song ever, plain & simple!
2008-12-16 dino-mike
Shear, Unmolested, Brilliance.
2008-12-16 Spaff.com
Jace & Austin: So this song has been parodied before? So What? (Heh.) You still should.

Jake: Thanks for playing this on A Freakin' Funny Christmas!

Ian: TMI, but thank you, I think.

Peter: Good idea. Here's the contest, for anyone interested.

Bob: It is a bit of an earworm, isn't it? I blame you and your bitchin' production.

Emi & Austin: Yeah, essentially, Moneyshot Cosmonauts songs are those for which I'm forced to take the blame.

Everyone else: Thank you kindly! С Рождеством!

2008-12-16 djseamus
Great work Bob and Spaff, and superb vocals, Cari...are you and Pink related somehow? If you are, could I get her number, perchance? In Soviet Russia, Moneyshot Cosmonauts listen to awesome Christmas song by YOU!
2008-12-17 filkertom
Bwaha! This is just astonishing. And I thought I was the only one who said "kickin' Kwaanzaa". Kudos to all!
2008-12-19 PowerSalad
Molto brilliante!!!!! Great concept & execution, production is wunnerful as always - setting the bar ever higher for the rest of us!!!! Great job, all!
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