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Steve Goodie Bye Bye W 
It's been eight long years... and it is finally time to wave goodbye to our moronic commander-in-chief. See the video! Go here: http://www.stevegoodie.com/indexintrogrownups.html Happy New Year!

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2009-01-18 maxgoof
Well, at least we know your political leanings.
2009-01-18 maxgoof
This isn't funny. It's mean, and actually uninformed.
2009-01-18 STrRedWolf
2009-01-18 devospice
Should work now.
2009-01-18 scarybug
Only 2 more days!
2009-01-18 robizoid
I agree. Barney Frank & Chris Dodd caused the economic crisis. From now on, He's Steve Baddie
2009-01-18 MrTuesday
I thought this was the FUNNY Music Project. Maybe now Steve Goodie can go back to writing funny songs about Harry Potter.
2009-01-18 Spaff.com
Kudos, Steve, for the way you find humor in the misery. I'd rather laugh than cry, so I dig your stuff.
2009-01-18 shoebox
Nice! Great imitation of the Everlies, and subject matter I can certainly agree with.
2009-01-19 saganth
I don't know what's with all the negative comments on this one, I think you did a great job on this one Steve, and I think it should be playing on mainstream radio stations across the nation today and all this week!
2009-01-19 dino-mike
Good Bye to Bad Rubbish!!! 1 More Day!!! Well done Steve.
2009-01-19 Molakwae
I have to agree, it's a great parody of the Everlies. Still, I would like to hear a song about something else. No offense, Steve.
2009-01-19 PowerSalad
I kept hoping to hear "Stay the course"...Nicely done! WooHoo!
2009-01-19 scarybug
How did The FuMP manage to attract the last 3 people who still actually like Bush?
2009-01-19 MarlinsGirl
I just want to say this is the funniest Bush song I know, and my Mom agrees.
2009-01-19 deanmiller
Not bad for one listen, but that's all I can take.
2009-01-19 djseamus
Bravo, Steve-G, bravo. I say this to all on this comments page: no matter which way way you swing in politics there is no arguing that Goodie's song makes sense. Bush is on his way out, and it's only polite to say good bye to some one when they leave. Steve Goodie: charm school graduate cum laude and political satirist extraordinaire!
2009-01-20 wildcard9
Nice song to hear after returning home after a long con weekend. Perfect song for inaugeration day.
2009-01-20 Demetrius
Good job! ...Especially since it's so hard to make ANYTHING Bush did to this country funny. I'm SO glad he's not POTUS anymore!!
2009-01-21 Enelar
Wow, do you guys get upset when someone does a nasty Clinton, Obama or other Democrat song or do you laugh and go "So true!" ? There's a nasty Palin song on here too and I'm sure they'll be some Obama ones in the future. I'll download them anyhow because I laugh at both sides of the fence. It's called political satire, not kind and gentle PC songs. If you believe you'll be offended, don't listen <3 Brilliant song BTW, my thoughts exactly.
2009-01-21 Insane Ian
Not sure what all the negativity is about. I think this is great, and very funny!
2009-01-22 lrdphynix
You know Steve it's better to be quiet and thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
2009-01-22 Insane Ian
So, what's your excuse, lrdphynix?

I keed, i keed...seriously tho...why dost thou think him an idiot? Twasn''t HE that played the fool...just composed a sonnet about one...

2009-01-23 Boomshadow
Where do you get that this is uninformed, maxgoof? I agree with Enelar.
2009-01-25 weirdojace
Hey guys we have a new president now.
2009-01-26 Spaff.com
Yo, Steve, congrats on this being Dr. Demento's #1 song for the whole freaking month of January!
2009-01-26 maxgoof
Uninformed? He blames Bush for the recession. At the center of the recession is the bank failure. At the center of the bank failure is the housing crisis. At the center of that is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bush attempted many times to regulate those two organizations, because they were giving away money to people who simply could not pay it back, and the people in charge of them were cooking the books to get themselves nice bonuses. The people in charge were all Democrats, the people blocking Bush from regulating them were all Democrats. The people claiming up until the day they collapsed that everything about them was fine were all Democrats....and he blames Bush for the recession? That's what uninformed.
2009-01-26 maxgoof
Let me explain a bit more why this isn't funny. It's name calling. It's not lampooning, it's not poking fun, it is name calling. This is not like other political songs, many aimed at Bush and poked fun, or made light of decisions or personality. It is name calling. It's as funny as a schoolyard bully who calls everyone he is "making fun of" wimps, weaklings, and other names. Let me list of the names that Bush is called in this song: incompetent, a liar, empty-headed, clueless, stupid, arrogant, war-mongering, nincompoop, ignorant, and a jerk. Explain to me why this is funny.
2009-01-27 stevegoodie
Hi maxgoof... Steve here. do you really want me to explain why this is funny? Really? I will if you really want me to. Seriously.
2009-03-06 Gene S
Humor is subjective. Some people don
2009-11-09 aviatrixx
Way to go, Steve! And to maxgoof: The "name calling" is FUNNY because it is TRUE! I couldn't have described ol' Georgie better if I tried.
2010-02-05 MattShizzle
Lol. Idiot teabaggers probably miss him.
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