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Worm Quartet It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib 2008 
A while back I was asked to submit a song for an Atom and his Package tribute album, "Upend Atom," which is coming out soon on Hartless Hind records and also features songs by MC Chris, The Zambonis, Zolof the Rock n Roll Destroyer, Steinbeck, and an MC Lars track featuring ME! I decided I'd redo my cover of "Mad Lib," with brand new nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. supplied by my e'er-interactive fanbase through LiveJournal. And to make this version suck less, I had the ever-wonderful Curt Allen return on the loud thing with the strings!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-01-30 maxgoof
2009-01-30 Angela
I love Atom and His Package! Great job with this song.
2009-01-30 madmanOTL
Awesome work on the cover. Sounds better than the original.
2009-01-30 Alchav
2009-01-30 scifantasy
I've always liked "Mad Lib," I think for the humor of using the refrain out of an old camp song... This version is cleaner, sharper, and very, very well done. Sounds great!
2009-01-30 seamonkey
It does sound good, but it's so short shouldn't it just be mad mad mad? I never knew this was a cover and always thought of it more as a, GASP, serious song! Now isn't THAT funny! I love you 'box. Ok, you too, Shoe.
2009-01-30 seamonkey
PS - I meant serious for Worm Quartet. Which it's NOT WQ, which means WQ ISN'T serious. Not even for one song. Ok, sorry for 2 comments in a row (I'm trumping up your numbers).
2009-01-30 filkertom
I... erm... uh... shit. This is catchy as hell, and I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what it's about. Thanks for the earworm, Shoe. No, really. Yeesh.
2009-01-30 Spaff.com
Let's see if I'm filling in all the blanks correctly: Adam And His Package turned Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game" into a Mad-Lib, then Worm Quartet covered that, and now WQ has done a remake of the cover of the spoof of the original...with new words? I'm dizzy, but I like it.
2009-01-30 JakeWaters
I really like this song, Mr. Box!
2009-01-31 posom2
Heh, Mr. Box? Haven't heard that one before... Anyway, great job WQ!
2009-01-31 weirdojace
Catchy as hell! And it's an improvement over the SVGM version by a long shot. Good job!
2009-01-31 wildcard9
This gerbil is so full of scrod that it flambes my nipples.
2009-02-01 dino-mike
Damn! What a great re-make!!! Nice Job!!!
2009-02-02 minkwheel
GREAT JOB Mr. Box!!!--the song sure is BEEFY! --it can be served ALONE, or with a steaming side of BALDERONI......seriously, I must've played this song 20 times today!! -- MINKWHEEL
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