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Carrie Dahlby Killing You Softly - live 
This is a live performance by Carrie Dahlby, the bride, as a gift to her groom, Josh Rasey, at their wedding reception in Chicago on May 30th, 2009. Josh was brought on stage and serenaded by Carrie in her pink bridal gown. The guitar is performed by the bride's father, Michael Haselman. It was recorded by the wedding's DJ, Blasted Bill Putt, and was webcast live on Dementia Radio. It is a parody of "Killing Me Softly With His Song" as performed by Roberta Flack.

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2009-06-02 CaptNova
Josh now you know Carrie's true intentions.
2009-06-02 devospice
That was great! Wish I could have seen it live. Did anyone video tape this?
2009-06-02 Insane Ian
How romantic. ^_~ From someone who also recently got hitched, CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!!!!!!! Much happiness and...sleepless nights :-P
2009-06-02 DJ Particle
Added to the MMA for DT20 voting...all I'll say is it would be a great edding present to them if this became #1 this week... *whistles nonchalantly* ;) Great work, Carrie! This was hilarious!
2009-06-02 DJ Particle
er...*w*edding that is...

(not feeling so well today and it shows in my typing :( )
2009-06-02 filkertom
Many congrats. And I really liked the "reee, reee, reee".
2009-06-02 wildcard9
It was great seeing this live, and I am very happy it is on the FuMP today.
2009-06-02 maxgoof
Yeah, like Tom, I loved the Psycho Strings.
2009-06-02 Blasted Bill
I'm so glad to have had a very small part in this song. It's an awesome song, for an awesome couple, recorded at an awesome wedding. There was so much energy and fun. There was video taken by "pants". hopefully some of his stuff makes it up online soon.
2009-06-02 djseamus
Congrats, Carrie, it couldn't of happened to a nicer Fumper. As for your song....good choice of material, and a good job with Flack's original melody. Your lyrics? Maybe to save your marriage you two should honeymoon under the stars on a deserted beach; somewhere where there are no pillows....that's all I got to say about your lyrics. :^)
2009-06-03 mattingly
Congratulations, both. Nice way to sneak in a Skullcrusher reference.
2009-06-03 Derwood Bowen
Wow! Poor Josh, I'd hate to be him at this moment! lol that was so awesome, great work on the song! The things I miss being marooned in Ohio.
2009-06-03 mrwompy
Wow!!! That was absolutely awesome!! I can't even imagine how hilarious it would have been to see you performing this at your own wedding reception. Congrats!! A may you have a lifelong happy marriage!! (My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next week!)
2009-06-04 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Exxxcelllent. The murderwave microbeam is evidently working correctly! Mwahahahahahahaha Seriously, congratulations you two, and thanks for a beautiful *snif* song...
2009-06-08 gunthar
Well fortunately I have yet to be murdered.I may be a bit biased, but this is your funniest song :)
2009-06-20 voiceroy
Ditto what gunthar said. Definitely Carrie's funniest. And the original is one of those songs that's so melodic and beautiful you can't help but sing along, and then you realize you're a guy and it might be awkward...unless you're Luther Vandross.
2009-06-26 peterfump9
Congratulations. So, was the Dada Slide played at the wedding?
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