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Nuclear Bubble Wrap Birdf***er This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song.
This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.
This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-09-01 Balder
The Bald Half *highly* approves of this hot avian action!
2009-09-01 shoebox
The Box Half concurs! I love this friggin' song.
2009-09-01 dino-mike
I also agree... this is an amazingly funny song.
2009-09-01 dino-mike
Side note, the google ad suggestions are cracking me up: "Buy Birds, Sell and Adopt" & "Bird Feeder Sale"
2009-09-01 DJ Particle
Every time I hear this song, I think of a certain South Park episode... *heh*
2009-09-01 Alchav
This is awesome.
2009-09-01 devospice
We haven't had a good squick song on the FuMP in a while. This is good, and it's squick, and it's a song, so WIN!
2009-09-01 djseamus
Well the music's good....reminds me of They Might Be Giants, but the lyrics....DJs would have to push the cue button several times if they were going to play this song on-air, thus breaking up the song. I'm all for free speech, but do you really need to swear to make a point or to be funny? And yes, I know that N.B.W is only covering this song, but really...I bring this up not as a critiscm but as something for the Fump artists to think about. I find nothing funny about swears or sex. But your music is good, that is, enjoyable to listen to.
2009-09-01 badavecom
Hey djseamus. . .is your username associated with Seamonkey? I'm not sure, I'm just asking--I don't think it is, but it says DJ, so I wasn't sure. As for this song, the topic is disturbing, so squick is right, as would be explicit. . .but I don't know if it's more on the disgusting side or the very odd side. . .Sex can be funny depending on how it is applied in my opinion. . .but bird friggig I think tips over my squick cup a bit much. . .on a somewhat good note, you did make me think of the classic South Park song "Unlce Fu*ka"
2009-09-01 weirdojace
Good point-- this song should have both an explicit tag and a squick tag. Unfortunately the way the site is programmed, I can't have both tags there.

And the next few NBW tracks will be a lot more tame. :)
2009-09-02 shoebox
Oooooh, I'm fighting for this hill.

Yes, sure, there's nothing funny about random profanity for no point. But sometimes profanity DOES add to a song. In a song format it's not just what you're getting across - it's how you're friggin' saying it. And this is one of these cases. This song would not have the same effect if it were "Birdboffer" or "Birdbanger" or "Birdmakesweetloveto-er." These phrases are too silly and don't express the proper contempt. It needs to be in-your-goddamn-face BIRDFUCKER. It's the relentlessness of the crudity plus the extreme cleverness of the various acts described combined with the contrast of the happy innocent music (a contrast accentuated nicely by the profanity, thankyouverymuch) that makes this so damned funny, at least to me.

Proud supporter of fuck and all fuck-related activities
2009-09-02 TVsKyle
N'heh. Birdboffer.
2009-09-03 dino-mike
Someone is complaining about profanity??? Really??? This isn't the Wa-Wa-Wubsy web-site. I completely agree with ShoEboX... and since he is being completely literal, I see no problem with the word... to me, it's way tamer than "birdraper".
2009-09-03 stevegoodie
Amen brother Mike. DJ, if a song is entitled "Birdf***er, and you don't like "dirty words" or "sex jokes," for God's sake don't listen to the song. Personally, this song makes me giggle every time I think of it, let alone listen to it. NBW is Over The Top! Rock on, fellers!
2009-09-10 marshallstanton
"The Common Loon is my favorite poon" needs to be printed on currency. This was awesome guys.
2009-09-11 voiceroy
I'm actually a conservative-kinda guy but I can't help but giggle at the clever wordplay and the concept of a melodic song about screwing birds. And it seems I'm demented too because this song makes me wonder how freaking small your penis would need to be to screw a bird.
2009-09-13 Spaff.com

2009-09-25 seamonkey
Wow. Kinda lets me off the hook....
(and no, I'm just Seamonkey... not DJ anything...) :)
2009-10-19 EMC
hahahaha. Straight and to the point
2011-01-02 mrjuju
Just a heads up, I used this song in my podcast. I gave both your name and website in the show and release notes, and gave the Fump a shout out as well. If you want to give a listen here is the address (the January 1, 2011 episode has your song in it): http://beyondradio.libsyn.com/january-1-2011
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