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Devo Spice Platform Wars This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring the great Luke Ski and Dual Core
Are you a Mac, or a PC? And does it even really matter? I've been a Mac since late 1991 when I went to college and began using Photoshop 2.0 on a Macintosh IIcs. I very quickly "drank the Kool-Aid," as they say, and fell in line with the cult of Apple. Early on I tried to convert several family members and friends, but I quickly realized the argument was akin to similar arguments on such touchy topics as religion and politics. Neither side is really willing to take an honest look at the other and the argument invariably breaks down to name-calling.

I stopped having that conversation years ago for the sake of my own sanity-although I did successfully convert one friend-which is probably why it took me so long to come up with the idea for this song. This song is a what I picture would happen if John Hodgman and Justin Long from Apple's "Get A Mac" ad campaign broke into a battle rap.

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2009-07-20 EMC
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! MAC 4 Life, my good man!
2009-07-21 oddaustin
I loved it when you guys performed it at Nerdapalooza, but all finished it sounds even better! I'm quite glad to have even the smallest of cameos in a Devo Spice song, awesome work!
2009-07-21 mrwompy
Cool!! Great job!! (But why did you let that duck get in the room when you were recording?)
2009-07-21 seamonkey
Dude(s)! This FuMP is all kindsa SWEETNESS! Devo Spice at his hip hoppin' best, I can just picture Luke Ski with glasses and pocket protector and the Dual Core Linux Toaster? BRILLIANT. Was that Eighty on the rap?
This song just made my day.
2009-07-21 seamonkey
Oh, one more thing... I was listening to the Beastie Boys when I came to check this out, and now I wanna hear more of the Spice Boys instead!
2009-07-21 shoebox
One of my favorite Sudden Death songs ever. Very very nice. -=ShoEboX=-
2009-07-21 shoebox
...I mean Devo Spice songs. Goddammit, I suck at remembering new names. That's why I've only ever dated women named "Kim."
2009-07-21 dino-mike
This is a fumping awesome song!!! I've been also having these arguments for 10+ years... Mac 4 Life!
2009-07-21 Insane Ian
Simply awesome. You guys rok'd this at Nerdapalooza, and the studio version is even more awesome. Mac FTW
2009-07-21 maxgoof
Well done!!! Very funny! Especially poking fun at Linux. BTW, Open Office runs on PCs as well. I know, cuz I got it.
2009-07-21 lukeski
For the record, I'm a PC, because I'm too broke, stupid, and uncool to use a Mac. Just keeping it real. :) Very happy to have been a part of this awesome song! Thanks, Devo!
2009-07-21 Wingus
Oh, that was glorious. <3 Especially the Spaceballs reference.
2009-07-21 JakeWaters
That was great! I love this song!
2009-07-21 budsharpe
I like it! This is very well done. I'd call myself a Mac, but I'm more biOSual these days.
2009-07-21 madmanOTL
Great concept and very well done.
2009-07-21 dice1342
Awesome! Great job guys. I love the ending. "I know you are but what am I" Classy
2009-07-21 djseamus
I too, am a PC...but I only realized that after listening to this awesome rap song with "Spaceballs" references. I wouldn't having a toaster for a computer ...that would be sweet! E-mail, Facebook and a snack! yes kids, it's the "i-tart".
2009-07-22 saganth
I'm a Mac and I think this song is long overdue. Love the Spaceballs line, totally unexpected! Just one question, what was it that Luke Ski said at the end? It got kinda garbled, and it's not listed in the lyrics.
2009-07-22 devospice
The beginning of Insane In The Brain by Cypress Hill says "Who you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?" Here Luke says "Just whom are you trying to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I know JoCo?" JoCo, Jonathan Coulton, is good friends with John Hodgman who plays The PC in Apple's commercials.
2009-07-23 squirreludecker
i would be using a Mac, but i cant afford it. hah. ive put mac osx on my laptop before, probably would have left it on there if my video card would have been supported.
2009-07-23 voiceroy
High-quality and kickin'.
2009-07-25 weirdojace
One time I saw this dude running Windows XP on his MacBook. Best of both worlds.
2009-07-27 ProjectSisyphus
What a great take on the most annoying commercials ever. Little-known fact: the Mac guy, Justin Long, played young "Brandon" in Galaxy Quest.
2009-07-27 steve fernino
I'm guessing I was that convert! LOL I don't do windows anymore. -Posted from my MacBook Pro -The artist formerly known as Piles from the group formerly known as Sudden Death PS... Running XP on a MacBook? BLASPHEMER! LOL (Well at least it's not Vista!)
2009-07-29 marcgunn
Totally awesome... that and now I'm wishing I had a damn Mac! Thanks a lot!!! ;( grrrrr Why didn't I switch over... oh yeah, I like Adobe Audition. Frack!
2009-07-31 Vladinatrix
I use whatever works. Now that MAC's are basically just BSD boxes, this song is highly ironic to me. Linux/Unix/BSD Fo LIFE!!!!
2009-11-27 forestofthedead
Good stuff.
2010-05-27 djseamus
This rap is still up and running after a couple of months! I am pleased to report that I have since become a Mac, and I've Got Garageband! :^)
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