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the great
Luke Ski
The Hanna Barbera Polka 
Every show mentioned in this song is a real Hanna Barbera cartoon. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. But apparently William and Joe did, which is why we were inundated with decades worth of anthropomorphic celebrity rip-off animals, cave people, future people, groovy kids, talking vehicles, freaky super-heroes, and sit-com tie-ins, all walking through buildings and passing the same window over and over again while solving mysteries and playing in rock bands together. So here's an up tempo Oom-"Paw-Paw" of a polka to celebrate the company that created the shows "Capitol Critters", "Fish Police", and the unforgettable "Rick Moranis in Gravedale High". All of which I watched. Regularly. Willingly.

Arrangement by: The Spooky Fisherman's Ghost, who after removing his mask is actually TOM SMITH!!!
Indirect inspiration: ShoEboX from the Worm Quartet which sounds like a Hanna Barbera show but isn't.
Person whose head will likely explode upon hearing this song: TV's Kyle

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2009-11-23 lukeski
2009-11-24 Balder
Commence the "but but but..." whining about our favorites that you missed. Where is my Winsome Witch? Where is Jeannie and Babu! I can understand if you saved the Drak Pack to mock in the Filmation one as a ripoff of the Groovy Goolies. Just don't you dare miss Sport Billy in that one. Anyway, this song is a Laff-A-Lympics!
2009-11-24 filkertom
Drat you, Balder! I'd managed to block Jeannie and Babu from my overwrought mind! And I would've got away with it, too, if not for you -- ahem.
2009-11-24 shoebox
YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I should text you unnecessary information about random things more often! This is fun and I take complete credit for it!
2009-11-24 minkwheel
You MEDDLING KIDS GOT AWAY with it!--GREAT JOB, and a FUN RIDE!-- ....and we'd like to thank Mrs. Vilva Yatschke for the cabbage rolls and PIckA-NIK BASKETS. -minkwheel
2009-11-24 seamonkey
Snk-snk-snk-snk... er, Kchee-tchee-tchee... uh, Skteechhh-eeectch-eeeth... aw man, how the hell DO you type a Mutley laugh? I now defer to my favorite comic-book soundword: FUMP! (and a damn good one too)
Luke Ski is the pop-culture dementia master.
2009-11-24 TVsKyle
My head actually exploded the moment you mentioned the friggin' GARY COLEMAN SHOW!
2009-11-24 forestofthedead
2009-11-24 STrRedWolf
Clean up, Asle K.
2009-11-24 Pokey The Clay Horse
Fiest, glad to be here...the 'unforgettable" shows mentioned to too recent to be unforgettable...I'd go for a string section of Huck, Yogi, Fred Flintstone, and Top Cat and his gang, and drums played by Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie.
2009-11-24 wildcard9
Holy Yankovic, Batman!!!
2009-11-24 ronnie1969
Awesome song! I bet you forgot or didn't know that Tom & Jerry were also from Hanna & Barbera.
2009-11-25 mrwompy
Great timing for the "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" line!!
2009-11-26 jimmyknocker
Luke, you've struck comedy gold once again. Let's hear it for the Kings of Saturday Morning!
2009-11-26 cyberwraith
*ZAAAAAAP!!* I needed that...
2009-11-27 Insane Ian
Well done, sir...Luke Ski's Next Cartoon Hit.
2009-11-29 DreamDancer82
The Impossibles were mentioned?! I am completely SHOCKED! Mostly because those guys get like no credit anymore. I appreciate it. Thanks!
2009-12-10 voiceroy
Like TV's Kyle, I'm also an animation fanatic (I've been writing for an animation site and a blog on cartoon voice actors for 10 years), so this was a head-exploder for me as well. Thanks, Luke. Loved the El-kaBONG pun too. And even as a nitpicker I couldn't find any animation history errors, and that is commendable.
2014-06-08 JonnySpazzAlt
Here's something else you left out. (hee hee) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecQkZ_xIQJQ
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