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Nuclear Bubble Wrap Know Your Power Chords 
Parody of "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day about "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day.

Jace McLain: vocals
Brendan Sheairs: guitars
Kyle Thorne: bass
Eric Zhu: drums, guitar solo

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-03-30 oddaustin
I, for one am a Green Day fan, and publicly state that this song is ill informed and short sighted. I certainly will never play bass for you on this song if you were to do it live... oh wait.
2010-03-30 nick007
As a huge Green Day fan myself; I must say... It's about TIME someone did a parody of this song. This is extremely overplayed on all the rock stations here witch is kind of ironic considering & I live Louisiana witch is full or Republicans. The younger generation fans have very little idea of why Green Day is so popular. They just like em because being a Green Day fan is cool
2010-03-30 Derwood Bowen
I must agree, the music for this song was pretty easy, making it easy to parody, and I think this parody kinda gets the point across (even though I like Green Day's music).
2010-03-30 dino-mike
2010-03-30 maxgoof
YES!!! I started laughing as soon as I started listening. LOVE direct parodies. Well done!!
2010-03-30 Knarf
Possible Oscar parodied this song better. Possible Oscar and Bob Ricci have also done "there's no such thing as original music anymore" songs better, as well.
2010-03-30 STrRedWolf
Possible Oscar's Kill The Enemies. Ahhh, I hear it.
2010-03-30 Insane Ian
I like this song a lot. I also like "Kill The Enemies" a lot. They are two, wholly different, individually great and funny songs.
2010-03-30 madmanOTL
Like the song and performance. As others mentioned, parody of song and idea for type song recently done.
2010-03-31 budsharpe
I like it! I think we need more songs pointing out how formulaic pop music can be.
2010-03-31 djseamus
As I commented on one of Possible Oscar's songs (their Nickelback parody a few years ago), I LOVE when music is the subject of the song. Your Green Day parody reminds me of Wierd Al's "This Song is Just Six Words Long". Methinks I shall have to you-tube that now. Great job, N. Bubble Wrap. Your best song since "Bad Spell".
2010-04-01 Knarf
Don't let me stop you, guys. You have done some really good work.
2010-04-02 filkertom
Fun. :)
2010-04-03 stevegoodie
Knarf, I wouldn't worry about "stopping" NBW... it'll take more than a couple unnecessarily rude comments to stop these guys! Ha CHAAA!! Great song, fellers!
2010-04-14 ProjectSisyphus
You guys make it sound so easy! Green Day spent nearly an HOUR writing this!
2010-04-15 weirdojace
Well, it IS a bit hard to find a 5 chord if you can't count to 5.
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